Lake Charles Lowe's Has Unwanted Visitor

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A 5' alligator was hanging out in the garden section of a Louisiana Lowe's Sunday afternoon. Lake Charles Police Department was called. The responding officers were able to restrain the gator, tape its mouth, then they hauled the gator off. From WAFB Channel 9.


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That would definately be a

That would definately be a surprise! Good thing he was spotted before someone stuck thier hand in there where he didn't like it. Also a good thin he was not a very big and was easily captured and controlled. By the picture it looks like they actually had a pretty fun time of it and the photos they got to take. The closest thing to a dangerous situation I have ever run into was finding a few black widow spiders and an occasional tree frog from other countries so I was not sure how safe they were while doing product inspections.

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Now that would be something

Now that would be something to come across while going shopping for some home repair gear....maybe they better start selling some spear guns.