Laguna Beach Coyote

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Laguna Beach Animal Services have been trying to trap a coyote since a May 28th incident where a coyote attacked a woman's dog. The coyote and woman fought over the dog, and though she finally got it away from the coyote, the dog died.

Animal Services got a call that the coyote was cornered. They had the coyote in their sights, but the animal ended up getting away. "We had it locked down and were ready to deploy a dart," Laguna Beach Animal Services Officer Joy Falk said "If we had a clear shot without endangering anyone, we would have taken a shot." So the coyote is still on the lam.

Animal Services have traps set up around the area. Area residents have been informed to leave the traps alone, and stay away from them. There is concern that residents in the area are feeding coyotes. Feeding coyotes is not helpful, it will only end up getting them killed. It is against California law to relocate coyotes, so in these cases they are trapped and killed. Also when humans feed coyotes they will associate food with humans, and do not try to forage their own natural food sources. From Laguna Beach Patch.


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Coyotes are like rats down

Coyotes are like rats down here, there are so many of them.  Too much food for them, not enough people hunting them.

Heck, I have known 2 people in my neighborhood alone who have lost pets to coyotes, and I have seen them numerous times running down our streets.  My 5 year old son looks for them every time we leave the house.

Laguna actually has alot of open space.  Quite a few brush and tree covered canyons.  Perfect places for the coyotes to live.  So sorry that PETA is against the trapping and killing.  I like how they say that coyotes can relearn their fear of humans.  Yeah, okay, and if that's the case, then they can easily lose their fear again after that.

Get rid of them!