King of the Woods Title Goes to Lee Nilson

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Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine put on a province-wide contest this past fall, which ended with a hunting triathlon this May. Nilsen of Burk's Falls area walked away with the title and lots of prizes, including an Arctic Cat 700 ATV, and of course some hunting bragging rights. Unlike other triathlons, this one tested hunters’ skills, mettle and knowledge in a three-part test that included a 3D archery range, a moving target pellet gun competition and a hunter safety IQ test. Nilsen competed against 12 other hunters. The entrants in the contest were those that had bagged the best buck in each of the 12 weeks of deer hunting in Ontario.

Nilsen had used a program from a non-profit whitetail hunting organization called Quality Deer Management. Nilsen also does feed deer on his property, and has trail cameras keeping track of the deer. He doesn't take any before they are mature, so leaving them alone until they are at least 5 years old. He had been watching the trophy buck for the last 3 to 4 years. “It was cat and mouse for a long time this year,” said Nilsen. “I knew where he was coming from and I knew his destination, but they don’t get that big by being stupid. You have to wait for the right conditions … I thought I had them a few times that hunt but he was a no show. I guess he didn’t get the memo.” On the second to last day the conditions were right, and Nilson used a compound bow from 20 yards away. Nilsen then went and got his son to help field dress, that was what was most special for Nilsen, sharing the moment with his son who is now old enough to take part. “It’s a pretty cool title. For a guy like me, outside of family and work, the outdoors is everything.” From Cottage Country Now.


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I congratulate Lee on his accomplishment.  It's no small feat to harvest a mature whitetail with a bow and arrow.  But the feat that is most important is the time he's spending with his son.  I'm sure there are countless guys out there that spend a plethora of time in the woods looking for Mr. Big, but leave the son and/or daughter at home.  I am sad for them.

I started taking my kids hunting when they were very young.  They didn't carry a weapon, but they were there with me, step by step as I chased an animal.  Oh yes, they made noise and annoyed the heck out of me, but I wouldn't have left them home for anything.  I get enormous joy out of visiting my daughter's home and listening as someone tells her husband what a nice buck he has hanging on the wall.  I get even greater joy out of listening to him have to tell them that it's not his deer but his wife’s.

And now my son has passed the tradition on to his kids.  All three of his sons have become hunters.  Their freezer is full each winter with venison and the boys are sitting there at home enjoying the meat.  They are not out running the streets getting into trouble.

To me, Lee Nilson's greatest trophy will be his son when he gets old enough to hunt, "WANTING" to spend time with his dad.  Good on ya Lee!


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I understand exactley what

I understand exactley what your saying Mike. Fortunately there is room for all of us to have known and love a "king of the woods" in our own lives. For me it was my grandfather and even though like you he never even hunted much when I was young and did not have any trophies to show off from the old days, He took me fishing, woods walks, and on non strenuous grouse hunts when I was old enough to get a license. My dad was too busy with work during those years to be able to get out much himself. 

I congratulate the guy in the article as well but would be much more impressed if his trophy were taken on public lands instead of well managed private property with little hunting pressure. 

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Congratulations Mr. Nilsen.

While I'm sure that this was quitea contest and I will congratulate Mr. Nilsen I think that title is aready taken.  The king of the jungle is the lion of able, and the Lord of the jungle is Edgar Rice Burroughs' fictional Lord Greystoke (better known as Tarzan) - ythere is another character called Lord Jim.  But my uncle Jim North was known to all who knew his as a hunter as Lord of the Forest.  The photo albums of his hunts spoke mute testimony at his wake as did teh massive moose head and bear skin rug that dominated his small home.  I never hunted with him since he was in his eighties by teh time I hunted, but I have immense respect for him and to my mind at least the title of King of the forest is already his.