Kentucky's First Sandhill Crane Hunt Applications Start Tomorrow

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Kentucky is ready to start the application process for their first sandhill crane season. Tomorrow hunters can find an application online at Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website, Hunters can turn in one application, at a cost of $3 per application. Applications will be accepted until November 30th. Then 400 hunters will be randomly selected through a computer draw on December 5th.

To get the sandhill hunting license the hunter must pass an online identification test first. Then the license is good for up to 2 sandhill cranes. Hunters must use the Telecheck system to report their harvest on the day it is harvested. The season will close once 400 cranes have been killed or on January 15, 2012. The season starts on December 17th. From


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I would absolutely love to

I would absolutely love to hunt sandhill cranes.  Like Retired has said, "ribeye of the sky"!!!  Also, i hear they are like flying tanks.  They are deceptively fast, due to their size.  They look like they are flying really slow, but in actuallity, are moving along at a very good clip.

That's a great opportunity to hunt those cranes in Kentucky.  Only $3, and if drawn, you have a good chance at a bird.  It's also nice to see the DFG covering their bases and making sure that the hunters attend an education class.  One of the sticking points with the antis has been that people across these states will be shooting other endangered crane species by mistake.  If they make sure to rectify that and minimize the chance, all should be good.

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  Another animal management


Another animal management success story that generates a Sandhill Crane population healthy enough to allow up to 400 hunters the chance at harvesting up to 2 birds or a max total of 400 - Great Job Kentucky!  And for a mere $3 is will also generate another revenue stream for the state's DFW.  Definitely a win-win situation for all.

I have never considered hunting Sandhill Cranes... until now.  Doing a little research on a recipe I found a couple that look to be very tasty.  A couple of blogs called them the ribeye-in-the-sky.  I think I will have to try this hunt sometime in the future to see for myself.

Good luck to all of the Kentucky hunter applicants as well as the final 400 that get to kick-off this opportunity for the first 2011-2012 season.


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This is a great success story

This is a great success story with the beginning of the first sandhill crane hunt over there. Only 400 lucky hunters will be able to give it a try but it will be interesting to see how it goes over. I think it would have been better to let 800 guys give it a go with just one bird rather than 2 each for the lucky tag holders but maybe they thought there wouldn't be enough interest that way. The tough part is they are a pretty smart bird and nobody is going to have the right gear and decoys for awhile. In Texas when I hunted htem the decoys were all full feathered mounts and we put out around a hundred of them. I don't know if it was needed that way but man they came flying right in. And in Texas the limit is three so you get a lot of bang for your buck, especially with all the different geese that might happen to come in also. Good luck on this first season in Kentucky and I hope it goes over really well.