Kentucky Man Shoots Chupacabra in His Front Yard

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Last month we posted that chupacabras are probably just mangy coyotes. However Mark Cothren of Lebanon Junction Kentucky might disagree, he shot and killed an animal that looks remarkably like the mythical "goat sucker". However Mark's chupacabra has whiskers and is much smaller than a coyote. has the complete story.

Mark Cothren shot and killed an animal on Dec. 18 because he said he feared what it was, since he did not recognize it. He said the animal walked from the woods onto his front yard around 3 p.m. "I was like: 'every animal has hair, especially this time of year!' What puzzled me is how something like that could survive through a winter with no hair," Cothren said.

It looks like a raccoon with a severe case of mange to me.


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Anyone know what ever came of this story?  Did that states fish&game ever come for the carcass?

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A dog or a raccoon? Gimme a

A dog or a raccoon?

Gimme a break - look at the thing.

Look at the ears on it - that is neither dog nor raccoon.

The feet do, strangely, resemble those of a raccoon, however.

To me, it looks more like a hairless mexican chihuaha (sp?) than anything else.

I am very surprised that the creature was not IMMEDIATELY whisked up by authorities - if nothing else to quell rumors and speculation about it.

I am not saying it is a creature from outer space or anything like that, but it is clearly strange and undoubtedly looks out of place - that is for sure.

I have never seen anything that remotely resembles the thing - at least in the wild... I am back to the mexican hairless dog... 

I struggle with them being just "mangy coyotes" also... a quick examination by any vet could quickly determine if the beast was suffering from the mange, at least I would think.

I have no doubt that a scientific team could immediately identify the genus and species of the thing - I am not sure Kentucky wants any part of that, however.

Interesting piece, that is for sure...

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from the article

The linked article says:

"This is an animal that's native to our area, most likely that is suffering from some type disease," Clites said.

Clites says it isn't uncommon for an animal with a severe disease to lose fur and look unrecognizable.

Cothren says he has spoken with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and is preserving the animal to hand over to them."

Bottom line - nobody seems to know what the heck this thing is!

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Strange, just strange.  That's all I can say.

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Pretty freaky looking

Pretty freaky looking animal.  Will be curious to find out what they determie it to be.  By the looks of it, it does not appeat to me to be a dog or racoon....mayvbe some breed of cat of some sort, but I am by far no means an expert.

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Yeah, they are ugly. They

Yeah, they are ugly.

They have found many of them down in the south, mostly Texas, and they have pretty much been identified as either a coyote or wild dog, which has some sort of mange or other skin/fur condition.

Of course, you will always have the conspiracy theorists and believers in the supernatural that will say differently, but it's what science has to say about it anyway.

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Not just ugly, they're UGLY!

That's Ugly with a capital Ugh!

Whatever it is, it does look like it needed to be put out of its misery!