Kentucky Elk Hunt on Ebay

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Kentucky allows one elk permit to be sold for fund-raising each year. This year the League of Kentucky Sportmans is auctioning the elk permit as part of a hunting package. Starting bid was $5,000, now the bid is up to almost $8,000. The highest bidder will receive a guided hunt with one of Kentucky's best, 100% success for the last 60 elk hunts. Total package includes seven days of 1x1 guide service, elk camp accommodations, meals, game recovery and complete transportation in the field while hunting. This auction ends June 12th.

This permit will allow access to all elk hunt areas, and is open to archery or gun season. All proceeds will go towards buying public hunting lands and habitat improvement, according to The Chattanoogan. Kentucky has the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi River.

Ebay auction link.


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I think that Arrow Flipper and Hunter25 are right on target here

I think that Arrow Flipper and Hunter25 are right on target as to why the League of Kentucky Sportman (should that be Sportsmen?) chose E-bay as a venue for the annually auctioned elk permit . With a starting bid of $5,000 and all the public exposure that Ebay offers (despite their ridiculous anti-gun policies) the League of Kentucky Sportman is pretty well sure to get a good bit of revenue from the highest bidder. It is nice that they get a fully guided hunt with a near 100% chance for success. No one will dispute that the proceeds going towards buying public hunting lands and habitat improvement is a worthy goal either. I don’t think that New York State offers any permits by auction but I know that Maine and New Hampshire offer a limited number of moose hunts by auction. The last time that I checekd the winner bids were between $8,000 and $10,000 dollars – so this elk permit auction seems to be right on par with that level of interest and bidding. Arrow-flipper – that local charitable organization buffalo auction sounds fantastic. I agree that it seems like a win - win for everyone involved. I would be more than happy to throw some money into any similar drawings that you hear about in the future. Please let me know if you hear about any similar events coming up. Good luck to anyone who is in the Kentucky elk auction and applause to the state of Kentucky for their innovative method of fund raising.

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WOW!!  I just checked it and

WOW!!  I just checked it and it is $8300.00.  So far that is not a bad price for a realoly good hunt package.  With 17 bids already will be interesting to see how high it gets in the next fewdays.  Good luck to all the bidder and the lucky winner.

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This is a unique and interesting way to raise money for the department of wildlife.  I wonder why the department doesn't just run the auction itself?  Maybe eBay gets a lot more exposure?  One thing it does for sure is to get the word out nationwide that Kentucky has an elk population.  I'm guessing you won't see a mass exodus out of Colorado, but it's nice to have another state with a population of elk.

It looks like more and more states are going to this auction and/or raffle way of making money.  Washington State, where I live, has several raffles and raises a good deal of money.  The only problem is, when they raise money, the state government takes it and uses it for whatever they want.

Another idea I saw recently was for a local charitable organization to buy a trophy buffalo and turn it loose on a large chunk of land.  They run a $5 raffle and the winner gets to hunt that animal.  The whole town turns out for the event.  A dinner in honor of the winner is held the night before and the party goes on till the wee hours of the night.  The animal is dispatched with due care and everything is taken care of from that point on.  The meat is taken to a local butch who cuts and wraps it for the winner, all at no extra expense.  The winner is asked if he'd like to donate a quarter of the animal for a huge town dinner.  The whole thing is run extremely well and the organization makes a good deal of money.  It seems like a win - win for everyone.

That's how it looks for Kentucky.  Good for them.  And good on the winner of the auction.


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With the popularity and

With the popularity and publicity that ebay gets it will be interesting to see hoe much this tag goes for. It still had three days left to go when I first checked it and was at 8,300. I'm sure the total will be far higher than that before it's over. I'll check back every day just to keep an eye on it. Right now it's not much more than a super quality guided hunt out west. With the anti gun bias of ebay I would almost prefer to see it auctioned in the normal channels but I guess if it brings more money than normal it should be worth it.

Good luck to the winner, I'm sure you'll get a great hunt out of it.