Kentucky Conservation Officers Ready to Help in All Matters

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Sergeant Denny Broyles has worked for the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources for 15 years. Thursday he was at the end of his already 14 hour work day, and ready for some down time. A call came in about a barge accident on Kentucky Lake. A 312-foot Delta Mariner carrying aviation parts was heading down towards the Kentucky Dam, thought it had enough space to clear the Eggner Ferry Bridge, it did not, then caused the bridge to collapse. That is what Broyles heard and he headed over, calling other conservation officers to come with boats and rescue equipment.

"There's no hesitation in circumstances like this," said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Major Larry Estes. "This situation was potentially life threatening, and our conservation officers possess the skills, training and equipment to respond. People look to us for help."

The barge had caused two spans of the U.S. 68/KY 80 bridge over Kentucky Lake to collapse. Some of the bridge fell onto the boat, the rest into the muddy waters of Kentucky Lake. Broyles would put in another 20 hours before his day would be over.

"I was picturing vehicles and people in the water," said Broyles. "It was dark and raining, and I just knew it was not going to be good."

Thankfully there was no vehicles or people on the bridge span that had collapsed due to the barge. The conservation officers were able to aid the Coast Guard and and the Kentucky Department of Transportation with whatever was needed to set up a safe area and close traffic in a 2 mile area. From Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.