Kenai Alaska to Change Moose Limit Size

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Due to a recent decline in the bull to cow moose population, Kenai, Alaska will be changing the bull moose limit size. Now a hunter can not take a bull moose unless it has at least an antler spread of 50 inches or antlers that have four or more brow tines on a side.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game knows this will make hunting for bull moose a bit more difficult, but it is for the longevity management planning for the Kenai peninsula. Fish and Game biologist, Jeff Selinger, said, "It's going to be a lot harder to find a legal bull." It will be in effect for at least two seasons and then will be reviewed again in 2013.

A hunter who kills a bull moose will have 10 days after killing it to get the antlers inspected and sealed by the Department of Fish and Game. Hunters can bring their antlers to Fish and Game offices in Anchorage, Homer or Soldotna during normal business hours throughout the week. Antlers can also get sealed at the Wildlife Trooper offices in Seward, Cooper Landing, Soldotna or Anchor Point by appointment. From The Peninsula Clarion.


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I'm really getting concerned

I'm really getting concerned with all these reports of declining herds all over the country. caribou and moose seem to be going down in all the traditional strong holds.In most of the cases no one seems to really have any idea what the cause is and just reduce tags to try and get it back under control. In this case it sounds like it may just be a balance issue and not a quantity problem but it's still worrisome. In general I don't like trying to limit things with point restrictions or spread limits as it's just too hard to make that judgement under hunting conditions. Colorado tried it for a few years and let it go for many reasons. We do still haveit on elk so it must work in some situations but I believe there are still many animals that guys leave lay after they realize they have made a mistake and don't want to take responsability for what they have done.