Keep Your Garage Door Closed

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Jesse Taylor was looking for a smaller animal, maybe a raccoon or something along those lines in his garage in Hesperia, CA. What he was not expecting was to be face to face with a mountain lion. Neighbors said that the mountain lion had been seen in the neighborhood since Friday. When Taylor realized what it was, he told his wife to call the police.

California Fish and Game, Hesperia Animal Control and San Bernardino County sheriff's officials showed up, tranquilized the cougar and released it in the San Bernardino National Forest. From


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i love watching these stories

i love watching these stories pop up from california. it will only take so long for the californians to realize what a big mistake banning lion hunting was. the more lions out there, the more conflicts like this will arise, and california has abandoned their sense with this case. having such vast urban and suburban landscapes as they do, the potential for conflict is way higher there. you would think that a smart individual would call for strict management.

however, i have a huge issue with tranquelizing and releasing the cougar... it is documented to have a mild fear or an absence of fear of humans and their dwellings. this cougar needs to be collared and tracked, because the first place he's going is the nearest chinease buffet's dumpster. wildlife that is educated to this has a poor chance of survival on their own. and relocation has a low success rate. biologists all over the world have been reloacting bears (a species with less the ability to cover large distances) with poor results. the national forest is what? 50-100 miles from the city. the cat can travel that in a week.

i hate watching people living with a situation so many know is substandard. we know factually that biologists can manage the cat population with the help of hunters, yet they don't allow it. i do know one thing however, if that cat were in my garage... i would not have to call the police to eliminate the problem.

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Good thing for this guy that

Good thing for this guy that cat was not agressive or really hungry or he would have had a big problem on his hands. I can't imagine the surprise that went thrugh his mind. I had a similar situation at work last year where I came face to face with a rat and nearly flipped over backwards to get away. A mountain lion would cause a much greater reaction I'm sure. It seems strange the lion was so relaxed about the situation and shows how fearless they have become when around humans. This is not the kind of behavior that an elusive animal like this one should be making a habit of. Fortunately this case all worked out for the best and hopefully this lion will stay out of trouble in the future.