Kansas Secretary of State Tries to Pass Bill for Governor to Distribute Licenses

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Kansas' Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trying to pass a bill that would enable the governor to distribute 12 big-game licenses. These licenses currently go to each commissioner for the Department of Wildlife, where in turn the commissioner usually gives it to a conservation group to auction off. The licenses are special licenses allowing the hunter to hunt either sex deer, whitetail or mule, statewide and in any season.

Kobach talked to Wildlife and Parks Secretary Robin Jennison, to see if Jennison wanted to be in charge of distributing the licenses, he could give them to television shows in exchange for publicity for the state. Jennison declined, saying it was good in theory, but harder to decide who to give them to. Kobach asked if he thought the governor would distribute them. Jennison told Kobach to talk to the governor about it. Now on the table is this bill that would give the governor the licenses. The governor, Sam Brownback, and his people had never been asked if this was something the governor wanted. There is the possibility of favoritism accusations with distributing the permits for the governor.

The bill doesn't seem to have any supporters other than Kobach and his office. Wildlife and Parks is against it, as other states have tried it, unsuccessfully. The governor doesn't want the permits. Brownback said he doesn't even want to speculate on the issue right now, if by chance the bill did pass. From CJOnline.com.


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  I am here in Topeka for my


I am here in Topeka for my Grandma's funeral this week.  Everyone that has a shared opinion is saying this is a bad move.  I don't know differently being from out of state.  I would think based on history this is best left as an auctioned situation.  Let me know of different thoughts.  thanks.