Kansas to Publish 2011 Hunting Atlas

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Starting the week of August 15th Kansas will have available their 2011 Hunting Atlas. This atlas shows where the public hunting lands are and where there is walk-in hunting access. The atlas was produced by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

They will be available in printed copies at the end of August beginning of September at stores that sell licenses. The atlas provides dozens of full-page maps covering the entire state. Online visitors can view and print the complete atlas or select specific maps. Hunters can also download maps to GPS units for easy navigation. Each map includes an index listing the game species most likely to occur on properties listed. From Salina Journal.


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I have not yet hunted Kansas

I have not yet hunted Kansas but know that they have some very good whitetail hunting opportunities over there. This guide should be a good tool on how to get started and access some of those opportunities. I have been hesitant to look over there even though the state borders my own due to the vast amounts of private land and having no idea where to get started. I'm going ot try to aquire one of these guide so I can check it out and see if it would be worth the effort to plsn s hunt there in the future. Since I have taken a whitetail using a guide now nad hope to again this year in Texas I will focus my efforts in the future on more do it yourself hunts to save money and be able to hunt them more often. Kansas and Nebraska are on t he top of my list for this idea.

I think it's great that more states are making an effort to promote what they have to offer and make it easier to go hunting there.