Kansas Hunters Watch Where Your Dog Goes

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Kansas Bureau of Environmental Health is warning hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to look at the water before their dog gets into it. Saturday is the beginning of waterfowl season, and with this comes the cautionary message to look at the water before allowing your dog in.

Blue-green algae is in some of the reservoirs and bodies of water in Kansas. The drought, calm weather, and warmth has made the stagnant bodies of water perfect homes for the blue green algae. This has proven fatal for at least four dogs over the summer. If ingested it is fatal for most animals, but dogs seem most vulnerable. The algae is not expected to die off until water temperatures drop to 50 to 60 degrees.

If the water looks green or slimy, or has a bad smell do not let your dog get in there. When retrieving a bird the dog could drink some of the water, also if the algae blooms get on the dog he could ingest them when cleaning himself later. "What I would tell a hunter is to pay attention. Take a towel and wipe the dog off if it gets wet and take along some clean water," Tom Langer, Kansas Bureau of Environmental Health director said, "It's all pretty much common sense stuff." From The Wichita Eagle.


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Good information to get out

Good information to get out there for dog owners. It may be common knowledge for many of them but since I don't have a hunting dog i was not even aware of the danger here. I assumed when I read the heading that it would actually be a warning for snakes of something similar nit for the algae  in the water. I didn't realize any of these weeds could be fatal to anything. 

Thanks again for the warning and hopefully people will see it and take notice before thier pets and friends are injured.

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This serves as a good warning

This serves as a good warning to dog owners. The blue-green alge will most deffinently make your dog sick and even kill it. There is a lake around here that every few years it gets this alge in it. Over the years it has kill a dozen or so dogs. Also good luck to your water fowlers in Kansas who will be out hunting. I don't think our season starts until Janurary. I'm not sure I haven't been water fowl hunting but have a few friends that do and thats all they do.

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Is this common?

I've never heard of blue-green algae killing dogs.  Is this pretty common?  I don't waterfowl hunt much and don't have a hunting dog.  But friends of mine who do a lot of waterfowl hunting have never mentioned anything like this.  

Another fact to file away for future trivia with my hunting buddies.  

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  We didn't have to worry


We didn't have to worry about these things years ago.  I don't know what has changed over the several years.  I had a yellow lab as well as a chocolate lab and neither of them had any issues with the stagnant water they drank while we hunted in the fields and forests.  I also enjoyed the beagle my brother had that hunted with us through many years and watching her drink from the waters within the woods.  I don't know if this is just hype or real issue.  Hopefully it is just moment news and not a major issue.