Kansas DWPT Approves Limited Crossbow Use

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Word had gotten out that the Kansas legislators were planning to pass an act that would allow more crossbow use. The Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission beat them to it, they decided they wished to be in control and have more power over the ruling. They voted 7-0 Thursday to allow Kansas hunters 55 and over, and youth hunters with a permit to use crossbows during turkey and big game archery seasons, as soon as September 17th.

The commission wanted to have more say in the crossbow ruling. They believe that it will be a ongoing issue, coming up again. By allowing more crossbows, other hunters are worried that more hunters will be in the field come archery season, claiming that crossbows are easier than traditional bows. Another issue may be with the youth crossbow hunters, wanting to continue with the crossbow as they age and move out of the youth hunting classification. From The Wichita Eagle.