Iowa Dove Hunters Can Use Lead Shot

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Iowa's first dove season starts September first. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources wanted hunters to use only lead-free nontoxic shot for dove season. Iowa lawmakers stated that the DNR commission overstepped its bounds by banning lead shot. They believe it should be left up to the legislation, so this first dove season lead shot will be allowed. Members of the Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee voted to let lawmakers decide the issue next session. If it is not decided in the next session the ban will take place. The DNR finds lead shot to be harmful to other wildlife and the environment. From


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I'm not really sure about the

I'm not really sure about the whole lead shot debate. I know the dangers of lead but I really question how much of it on the ground gets into the systems of the birds and animals out there. I have never hunted doves though and I know from what I have read that it is not uncommon to fire a lot of shots to hit the little buggers. So I suppose if the same areas were used extensively it could add up quickly over a few years just like hunting over some of the more popular waterways. I just think the antis like to use this one as much as possible to cut down on some of the hunting opportunities by banning all lead shot or making it far more expensive for anyone to enjoy it. I know many guys are really upset at the cost of bullets to go deer hunting in California now and that hype is quickly being pushed into other areas or states as well.