Information Sought in Dead Washington Trophy Ram

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An archery deer hunter alerted Washington Fish and Wildlife officials when he came upon a large ram, dead in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area. The officials came out to the area to collect evidence and recover the ram. The large ram appeared to have been killed by a gunshot wound. It is unsure whether that gunshot wound was from a good Samaritan putting down an injured animal, or from poachers. Either way no one has come forward, and the ram was left to waste.

The Sinlahekin Wildlife Area has also had several deer killed and left to waste over the past year, regional enforcement supervisor Sgt. Jim Brown said.

Right now there is a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. If there are any witnesses or someone with more information on the ram, Washington Fish and Wildlife officials would like to hear from them. From


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what if the animals aren't

what if the animals aren't "left to waste?" what if somebody just isn't that good of a hunter/ tracker?

i know that i've lost a few deer in my life. mostly in places with thick brush and timber. once i lost an antelope doe that curled next to a very small sage bush. i was within 20 yards of it but never found it. i later noticed the dead doe while coyote hunting. unfortunate, but it does happen. with the ram, however, it was probably poached since they have a very short list of people who have bighorn tags for that area.