Indiana and Ohio End Reciprocal Licenses

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Indiana residents who owned property in Ohio were allowed to hunt or fish with their Indiana licenses, and vice versa. Now with recent legislation Ohio changed that, and in a tit-for-tat move Indiana has changed as well. Now if an Indiana resident wants to hunt or fish in Ohio they need to buy a nonresident license regardless of property ownership, and the same goes for Ohio residents wanting to hunt/fish in Indiana. From


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  Yes, this is too bad that


Yes, this is too bad that these two states have moved in this direction versus just changing it a little.  Instead of canning the whole allowance to hunt or fish within each state as long as you owned property there, I think they should have just changed it to allow them to purchase a resident license versus a non-resident license.  This would still bring in the revenue and allow each state to keep it reciprocal program.

I too did not know this was once in place but would think that other states would want to have this program as it still allows the revenue for the state and the additional taxes of any/all purchases completed in that state.  I guess the underlying force here is that if a person owns land in the other state they are more apt to just pay the non-resident licensing in order to continue using their private property in that state.


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I didn't know there were any

I didn't know there were any states that had something like this. It sounds like agreat plan for the hunters that were able to take advantage of it. I know when I was a kid many guys lived in Wisconsin but had a cabin or property in Michigan as well. This would have been very beneficial to many of my family members who fell into that group as I know there were years they could not afford to buy the non resident tag to hunt on thier own property. in the other state. I suppose it all comes down to a money issure somewhere that they thought was being lost. Even if you were able to just buy a resident tag it would have still brought money in. Oh well another good thing gone.

At least more and more states are getting on with the reciproacal concealed carry programs and honor the other states permits. This trend has spread to almost the entire country now with just a few notable exceptions.