If You Choose Fight Over Flight, Do Not Wear Sandals

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A Utah man who was working in his driveway, suddenly came face to face with a mountain lion. He was working by the fence, heard something, looked up to see an adult mountain lion. The man kicked out at the mountain lion. The mountain lion responded by swatting at him. Then the man kicked the mountain lion in the face. The mountain lion's tooth punctured his Croc like sandals, hurting his toe.

Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson said they are on the lookout for this mountain lion, as his behavior is consistent with that of a high-risk animal. The mountain lion was in a residential area, and was not fearful of the man. Neighbors were warned of the situation, and asked to be on the lookout and call authorities if they see the mountain lion. From The Salt Lake Tribune.


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That's a pretty good one. I

That's a pretty good one. I almost never wear sandals either but even with regular shoes I'm not sure I would want to take a kick at one. It has been said if mountain lions ever figured out how powerful they really are we would be in a lot of trouble. Even hunting them would change as they would just stand ground and not let the dogs tree them. Fortunately for me anyway it's not something I would have to make a surprise decision about as I always carry a weapon when not at work. Some people think it's strange to carry all the time but a case like this shows how being prepared could save your life. it's very easy now in most states to get a permit so there should be nothing holding most guys up. Sorry Californians but that's not one of the states I'm talking about.

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i'm not sure running away

i'm not sure running away would have helped. this is the reason i always have a good sized pocket knife on me. but, didn't he at least have a shovel, or a rake or something?

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That's an interesting way to

That's an interesting way to address the situation, for sure. lol

Let's see, mountain lion ready to eat me, standing in my crocs, let me kick him in the mouth.  Nice.

Actually, living here in California, I have gone over the scenerio many times in my head what I would do if attacked by a mountain lion.  Since I can't run worth a darn, I probably would try something like this guy Wink .

Gotta be carfeul this time of year.  When it's really hot, and water is sparse, those kitties will be out looking for a drink and a snack, even in places you may not expect them.

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Wow he is pretty lucky that

Wow he is pretty lucky that he was not seriously injured.  I am sure glad thjat I do not wear any kind of sandals.  Glad to hear he is OK.