Idaho's Bonner County Teams with Legal Firm to Delist Caribou

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service placed woodland caribou on the endangered species list in 1984. Now, with fear of an upcoming change to 600 square miles of land in northern Idaho and northeastern Washington, Bonner County wants to remove caribou from the endangered species list. A plan was announced in November for those 600 square miles to be listed as critical habitat. This would change the land and remove any economic possibilities, by restricting the forest access to activities such as; logging, snowmobiling and other pursuits.

Bonner County commissioners approved a plan to team up with the Pacific Legal Foundation. They also approved spending up to $10,000 and also allowing the public to contribute to the fund as well in efforts to delist the Selkirk Mountain woodland caribou. From


I hope the caribou do get

I hope the caribou do get delisted and we can move on.  I have always been proud that we have caribou, but the eco nazis have gone way to far.  The habitat has changed and the old growth and lichen are gone.  this is due to fires in 67 and 68.  the caribou have been going downhill ever since.  Throw lots of predation by cougars in and the caribou have not done well.  the 2 that are left in the us have had enough protection.   now that the selkirks, have coyotes, wolfs, cougars, black bears and grizzly bears, how are the caribou going to survive.   

I am all for the caribou, just don't tell me i can't go there anymore.