Idaho Woman Takes a Walk, Attacked by Buck

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A passerby and his daughter came to Sue Panter's rescue as she was being attacked by a mule deer buck. Panter was taking a walk by her home in Southeastern Idaho on Friday, September 30th when a buck came out of the cornfield and gored her with his antlers. It was a young buck, weighing around 250 lbs. Panter knew she had to stay on the roadway because if the buck was able to get her into the cornfield, she would not be visible to any passersby. She decided playing dead was the way to go, but the buck kept attacking her, puncturing her legs.

Michael and Alexis Vaughan were driving by in their truck when they saw the struggle early Friday morning. Alexis and Michael got out and Michael tried to grab the antlers and steer the animal away, while Alexis was punching the deer. Alexis went back to the truck to get a hammer to hit the deer with.

The deer took off and Alexis drove Panter and her father to the hospital. Michael received 3 puncture wounds in his legs during the struggle.

Officials are searching for the deer, if they find it, it will be euthanized and tested for rabies and other diseases. In most situations like this, the deer may have been a "pet" and loses its fear of humans. The attack was unprovoked. From


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After all the bear attacks I

After all the bear attacks I sure never though I would be reading about a deer attack also. She sure had goog thinking to stay in the road while all this was going on. I would have been fighting for survival but doubt I would have thought about someone else coming along to help me. There has to be something wrong with this deer to continue the attack for so long, I could see a random charge and then run but to carry on like this id very strange for sure. I don't know if rabies would do it but it sure wasn't in it's right mind. And I'll go with the consensus that 250 is a pretty good sized deer no matter what species or area of the country it lives in.

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Yeah at 250 pounds that would

Yeah at 250 pounds that would make that a pretty decent sozed deer.  I wann see him the field during hunting season.  I really am confused as to why this deer would have attacker her.  Its not like it would have been protecting a fawn this time of year.  Only thing that really makes sense is CWD....could have been sick and just not in its right mind.  last thing we need is a bunch of deer running around attacking people....the bears and coyotes will get jealous.  Glad to hear that everyone os OK.

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Young buck? well I'd love to

Young buck? well I'd love to see an old buck if the young ones weight 250 pounds. That would put the old ones around 350 to 400 pounds. I too am curious on why the deer attacked the lady. The story doesn't say that she pestered the animal or provokeds it in any way beside walking. It's a bit early to be rut crazed. If the deer had rabbies that would make sence but wouldn't have a frothy mouth like most animals infected with rabies? There was a gentelman last year in Eastern Oregon attacked by a Mule deer buck later in November when the deer were rutting. This guy was just a photographer taking picture and the buck just didnt like him that close. I hope the man who can to her rescue recovers ok, sounds like he will with just a few punture wound to his legs. I also hope the lady makes a full recovery too. Wildlife officers will have thier hhands full looking for this one deer , but i hoope they can find it and put it down before it hurts somebody else. I hope they post another story and pictures of this 250 pound young deer. I want to see it with my own eyes.

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Well, I guess the deer didn't

Well, I guess the deer didn't want to be outshadowed by the bears, huh?  Geez.  I do have to laugh though, cause I have not seen many "young bucks" that are 250 lbs.  Maybe on the hoof, but that's still decent size.

I wonder why he would have done that, but I guess if they get rut crazed, who knows what would happen.  I actually have a god set of photos in my gallery from a few years ago that I got in an email.  It's of a pair of bucks with locked antlers, one had died.  The guy gets them apart, and the living buck walks away.  However, he comes right back and starts attacking the dead deer again.  Pretty funny sight, but not for this lady.

If it truly was a pet, then this should show those people who feed them in their backyards what the consequences are of doing that.  Not only are they hurting the deer's ability to survive on it's own, they are possibly hurting other people.

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I've been challenged by a

I've been challenged by a mule deer buck in my own front yard. It was late summer and 5 deer were in my front yard eating my flowers. I shoo them off by clapping my hands and yelling at them, 3 does and a smaller buck immediately run off, but the last and largest buck lowers his head and starts coming towards me. He starts charging and I run for the front steps. I'm afraid if I hadn't made it up the front porch he would have attacked. 

This buck was not a pet, nor do I think he had rabies. He was however one of the deer that had gotten used to hanging around the neighborhood and eating in front yards. I think when wild animals lose their fear of humans, they actually are much more dangerous to us - even deer. 

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I've seen videos of bucks chasing and attacking people before, and not just big bucks.  Not sure what I'd do if a deer started to chase me.  I think I be more afraid of what my friends would think when I told them I got stomped by an angry deer than the deer itself.

I wonder if pepper spray works on deer too?  Might be a whole new market to exploit there, eh.

All kidding aside, I hope they both recover completely.

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out of all the animals in the

out of all the animals in the world, you'd think the last one you have to be afraid of is the deer. i'd bet that walt disney is rolling in his grave right now.

maybe the deer was just pretecting his cornfield? this reason is why i'm glad i carry a lariat in my truck every where i go. the problemis that i don't know what i'd do with it once i roped it!

I think it's sad though, even the animals hate us. maybe it's some kind of retribution for what we've done to their ecosystems?

at any rate, that's one thing they'll never forget, i just wonder how the police plan on finding the buck. there has to be hundreds of small bucks around in the irrigated lands in that part of the state. all with the same antler size and genetics.

i hope they destroy it, but with his lack of fear of humans, the buck will probably get shot on opening day of rifle season by a 12 year old girl. that would do it all justice.

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That is pretty crazy but not

That is pretty crazy but not unheard of. It will be interesting to see if it is a disease that effected the buck or if the “pet” theory is true. For the sake of the folks involved hope there is no disease involved.

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Rabies would be my guess!


Rabies would be my guess!  I have seen video of buck deer attacking a human before but that was because the human had purposely or accidentally sprayed themselves with some doe scent.  Luckily for the person attacked here they had sense to stay in the roadway so passer-by's would see and interact.

Idaho young deer must be some great specimens as all of the "young" deer I have seen are no where near 250 pounds.  Only deer that are much older.  

As for "pet" deer we used to live nearby and visit a place very near to Jackson, Michigan.  These deer were definitely human friendly - even the huge bucks most likely fed a very mineral rich diet to generate the large set of anters... but in all of the years living nearby we never heard of "rampant" bucks. 

Bottom line - my guess is rabies... although raccoons are the most likely for rabies there are documented accounts where buck deer have chased horses and humans only to be found to have rabies.