Idaho Wolf Hunt Full Steam Ahead

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Idaho refuses to be intimidated by threats of boycotts. Not only is Idaho moving forward with the wolf hunts, they have increased the number of wolves to be hunted and trapped, as well as decreased license costs in an effort to reduce the wolf population. There have been threats of boycotting Idaho, and its products - such as the potato by wildlife advocates. Idaho is still going forward with their wolf season.

Idaho Fish and Game commission approved a plan to reduce the wolf population from the current 1000 to no more than 150. Idaho is not setting a quota, and are allowing hunting and trapping almost year round and in most of the state but they require that there are 150 wolves. This number is the minimum before the wolves are placed back on the list. Idaho has also reduced non-resident wolf tags from over $100 to $31.75 to attract out of state hunters.

Idaho Fish and Game commission said their goal is to keep the wolf and livestock interaction down, along with the elk kills from wolf. Still, a recent survey by state wildlife managers shows elk populations exceed or meet biologists' objectives in the vast majority of Idaho's hunting areas. Another study by wildlife managers shows Idaho wolves killed 148 cows in 2010, out of a total 2.2 million head of cattle in the state. From


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Althought the errors in this

Althought the errors in this article have been pointed out they are really not the big issue here. It's good to see Idaho take the lead in getting the wolves under control as quickly as possible without being concerned about the coplaints or retaliation by the activists. I believe it shows that they truly want to control the wolves based on the cost of the license to hunt them. I know some of the other states have a far higher license fee to give you the chance to chase one.

Hopefully everything continues to go as planned and we can get them under control and keep them that way. This ruling has been far too long in getting here.

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This article is very

This article is very inaccurate.  This article makes it sound like Idaho will be taking wolves to the minimum allowed by ESA which is far from the truth.  From the idaho state Wolf management plan the wolf population goal is for the 2005-2007 year numbers which is 518 - 732 wolves (4 to 5 times recovery requirements).  Yes elk numbers meet or exceed objectives in most areas but those of us living in below objective areas are losing opportunities.  Even in the areas that meet objectives elk have begun to spend more time on private lands with flatter and more open terrain to get away from the wolves.  So even though there are plenty of elk, we can't hunt them.  Hunting season will not be "nearly" year round they will run from August 30 to March 31 (7 months) in 9 zones, August 30 to December 31 (4 months) in 2 zones and August 30 to June 30 in only 2 zones (these 2 zones have seen the largest elk number declines).   Trapping will only be allowed in five zones and the seasons are only November 15 to March 31.  There are quotas in 5 areas.  Mandatory reporting of all wolves killed is required within 72 hours.  The link to Idaho Fish and Game wolf seasons is here.