Idaho Wolf Harvest Up

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Idaho's last wolf season was in 2009, and 181 wolves were harvested. So far with no quota in the current season, 197 wolves have been killed.

Is it because of the no quota or is it because there are more wolves? A lot of hunters are reporting killing the wolves in areas where Fish and Game didn't even know packs of wolves existed.

Wolf trapping is allowed for the first time in Idaho — but that alone doesn't explain for the increase, says Jim Hayden. He's the Fish and Game regional manager for the Idaho panhandle.

Also with more information sharing and learning more about hunting wolves, hunters are helping each other find and hunt the animals. With all these components it appears the wolf population can be managed efficiently. From


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That is some good news and

That is some good news and hope they can double the count before the season ends. I would love to get a wolf in Idaho so my wife and I are looking into it for 2013. Funny how the article points out that wolves are being taken in areas that the Fish and Game did not think wolves were present. Makes me believe that there are more wolves than the F&G thinks/knows about. Hope it helps out the elk/deer/moose etc and the ranchers.