Idaho Wolf Disaster Bill Goes to Governor's Desk

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The Idaho senate passed a bill that would declare wolves a disaster emergency on par with other natural disasters and allow the Governor to take actions to address the emergency. Reuters has a write up on the bill when it passed the Idaho House. Having cleared both chambers of the Idaho congress, its now simply up to Governor Butch Otter to sign the bill, although its unclear what, if any, action the Governor would take under the emergency declaration.

The legislation says the state's estimated 800 wolves are compromising public safety, destroying herds of big-game animals like elk and damaging hunting and agricultural industries. Under existing Idaho law, a state of emergency allows the governor to marshal his police powers to lessen the impact of a declared threat.


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Well good  to see this on his

Well good  to see this on his desk, now all he has to do is sign it. then send the posee out to thin out the pack. I wonder what the wolf nuts think about this? Hopefully they can take care of the problem and get those elk herds back up to par.