Idaho Starts Selling Wolf Tags, Environmental Groups Sue

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While Montana is working out the details of its fall wolf hunting season, according to Reuters, Idaho has already started selling tags at $11.95. Demand is expected to be high for the tags in northern Idaho.

Speaking to reporters by telephone on Wednesday, Virgil Moore, head of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, sought to dispel fears that Idaho would decimate the wolves. "Whether you agree with how they got here or why they got here, they are now wards of the state," he said. Moore said a plan is under way to use aerial gunners, trapping or snaring to kill off 60 of 80 wolves blamed for excess elk deaths in a popular hunting area near Grangeville.

On a related note, two environmental groups filed lawsuits in federal court in Montana trying to stop the planned hunts and attacked the delisting process used by Congress. Seattle PI reports the suits claim Congress violated the Constitution by preventing the Judicial branch from completing a pending lawsuit in the federal court of U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy.


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I hope the anti's dont have

I hope the anti's dont have any fround to stand on in this stupid suit. Iread an article that Judge Malloy said he cant do anything because of the congressional bill, so if he admits thats its out of the courts hands than uou would think the anti's would get that through there thick skulls. Good for Idaho and Montana for being able to stand up and getting the hunting season set up. The wolfs need to be thinned outa bit and this will be the best way. I really hope the anti's suit just gets thrown out. in a perfect world they would just go away.

Legal Technicalities

You'll notice that at this stage of the wolf management situation, the only objections the animal rights groups have are to legal technicalities; of course that's pretty much all they've had from the start.  Any type of biological and scientific objections they have have been pretty effectively answered & provided for for years.  Wolf management in the lower 48 almost from inception has been a people management issue rather that an animal / habitat / ecosystem issue.  Regardless of how many times its been proven in the past, "They" will never accept that wildlife management based on human emotions will never resolve conflicts between wildlife & humans or provide an effection management scenario.

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I knew there would be attacks

I knew there would be attacks on these hunts as soon as the news came out that control would be turned over to the states but I sure didn't think it would come this fast. Hopefully things will move forward as planned and we can get a few of the wolves thinned out like they need to be.

I think they will be able to pull it off this time but you never know as the anti's have always found a way to get it shut down in the past.

I sure wish I could be there with a tag in hand hunting for them also as I have priced some Canadian hunts and most of them are way out of my price range.

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Very nice!  It will be

Very nice!  It will be interesting to follow this and see if, and how many wolves are harvested.  It would be even better if someone on this site actually got one.

I don't know if the animal rights nutjobs will ever give up, unfortunately.  It seems that no matter what scientific evidence we can show them, based on health of the population, negative affects on other herds, etc., they will never give in. 

Plus, it does not help that Reuters is saying that wolves were delisted by "legislation" rather than scientific evidence. Heck, I thought there was already enough proof of their adverse affect on the elk herds.

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Kinda funny.  My wife night

Kinda funny.  My wife night mentioned to be about the wold being removed from the endangered species list.  I told her that by tomorrow there will be something up on the website about come orginazation coming forward to try and stop  the hunting.  Ander here it is two groups are already coming forwrd.  I too agree that the states need to stand up and find and not lay down.  In the long the run the wolf will do alot more damage than any one can image if the wolf population is controlled somehow.  I do not think that people should just shoot on sight but atleast have a licese are in the case of a farmer or rancher if it is harassing the stock then they should be able to kill on sight.

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Good for Idaho! There comes a

Good for Idaho!

There comes a time when the states need to stand up for their rights against a government that is out of control. That time is now. Actually, it was ten years ago, but now is better than tomorrow.


I didn't know they where on

I didn't know they where on sale yet.  i will go get a wolf tag on monday.

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nice. exactly how i feel. you

nice. exactly how i feel.

you can't force people to deal with something the don't want around. no matter what it is.

i believe that most of the people fighting to preserve the wolves have never felt the wolf's cry pierce their ears when they're in the middle of a forest that's days travel from medical care.

very few times have i been nervous while in the woods. but i get nervous every time i hear a wolf cry.

i was hunting mule deer in wyoming in 2010, i had 3 wolves come by me. howling and raising a ruckass. never had i wished for a tag so hard in my life. but we all probably know about wyoming and it's wolf situation.