Idaho Receives Tenative Approval of Lolo Wolf Cull

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Back in October, the Idaho Fish and Game submitted a request to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to kill at least 40 - 50 wolves in the Lolo elk management zone. According to the Helena Independent Record, the plan has received a initial green light although the plan is not final.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials stressed Thursday that a final decision will not be made until after public comments on Idaho’s plans are considered. But the federal agency’s Idaho supervisor, Brian Kelly, said Idaho Fish and Game officials “seem to have provided pretty good data that wolves are a factor” in declining elk populations in the Lolo zone. “They’ve tried more liberal hunting seasons on other predators like black bears and mountain lions. They’ve tried habitat improvements, changes in the hunting framework for elk — and they’re still not seeing a response” in terms of elk numbers rebounding, Kelly said.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Well, that's good news.  I

Well, that's good news.  I fully expected to see pages of arguments from the anti's at the bottom of the article, but I could only find one comment.

I wonder how the 30 day period for comments will go. 

It'll be interesting.

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Well this is good news for

Well this is good news for Idaho. hopefully everything goes through as planned. I hope soon states will have the power to manage wolf population as they see fit. the feds have no bussiness in doing this.