Idaho Poachers Hit With $9600 Fine For Baiting Elk

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According to the Spokesman Review three people were recently found guilty of baiting and poaching elk in Idaho's Boundary County. The Idaho Fish and Game department used photographs and nighttime operations to build a case against the poachers.

Following a baiting activity investigation on that started in December 2009, Idaho Fish and Game officers hid in the woods this month on the Bonners Ferry–area property of Richard Raine. The agents were able to photograph Raine’s daughter, Barbera Johnson of Sacramento, Calif., working with Robert Johnson of Sacramento to put out feed to lure elk.


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Yeah for the good guys!  Glad

Yeah for the good guys!  Glad to see they were stuck with a nice fine!

I wonder though, does Idaho have a set fine system, based on teh "trophy", or just a standard fine?  some states have pre-set trophy fines, similar to trophy fees for outfitters, that are considered replacement costs for the wildlife they poach.  Deer may be $500, Elk $1000, etc. 

$10,000 may not be a bank breaker, but it will make them think twice next time.

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Seems to me that they got off

Seems to me that they got off pretty easy as far as the fines go.  That elk would qualify for the Sampson law here in Colorado and that is a $10,000 dollar fine and these three did not get that in fines combined.  I would have to like to see them get about twice that in fines and there hunting and fishing privlidges suspenes for at least 10 years each.  There is no room for people like this in the hunting and fishing comminiuty.

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This is getting caught as red

This is getting caught as red handed as you can, if you ask me...

Think of the work required to gather all of this evidence. Stake out time, driving back and forth, arresting the criminals, processing them, etc...

I am reasonably sure the cost - to the state - well exceeded the totals of the fines.

I am actually amazed that the fines are as low as they are.

On the other hand, I have seen and heard of people over here in the south being charged some hefty fines, but not quite this much....

Now, I am not saying that one animal has more value than another, but there was clearly a pre-meditated group action in the instance of this event - and two animals were taken... again - I would say that these are fairly low fines...

I read an article on mule deer poaching on BGH last night and also created a post a few moments ago on elk and deer poaching (before reading this article) - it seems to be a far greater problem than I would have thought.

This really gives the anti hunters a great soap box from which to preach... and hurts ethical hunters in many ways - it creates a negative connotation, takes away animals that could be hunted legally, increases the chances that farmers and land owners would deny use of their land - and so on...

I just wonder - as I said in the post - if there is some way hunters as a group could band together and create a grass roots campaign to reduce some of this poaching.

Bad news all the way around for hunters... sad day, for sure.

Great article and I am glad these individuals were caught and will pay an initial cost for the fines and then a longer reaching loss of hunting rights.

Great work and reporting, BGH!


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That reminds me... what is

That reminds me... what is going on with that Hunter X character? I wonder if he has been caught yet. As far as this case goes, good for the Idaho department of fish and game for nailing these jerks. They are just thieves of wildlife resources stealing from the law abiding citizens of Idaho. And does anyone else find it disgusting that the guy got his daughter involved. He had her help him with putting out the bait and then they ended up catching her poaching a 6x7. He is sure teaching her how not to be an ethical, law abiding hunter. What a role model! I guess if you are not a good enough of a western hunter, you can always just put out bait in order to try and kill a trophy bull or buck. But if someone stoops to that level, I hope the outcome is again and again like this one; The local game and fish agency putting in some good hours to nail the wildlife thieves.

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Finally!  Someone gets caught

Finally!  Someone gets caught and pays a healthy fine for being greedy and stupid!  Way to go Idaho Fish and Game!  I just wonder if one of these dumb a....knuckleheads goes by the alias of "hunter X".