Idaho Governor Signs Wolf Disaster Law

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Ratcheting up the state's rights debate, Idaho Governor Otter signed a bill that allows the executive branch to declare a disaster emergency related to wolves. Despite signing the bill the Governor expressed reservations about the law and did not immediately declare an emergency. However, according to the Spokesman Review, he directed the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to start working on state wolf management plans.

“My concerns with the legislation are not whether it is an appropriate response to the devastation that wolves have caused,” Otter wrote. “I understand and share the frustration of Idahoans over the impact wolves have had across our state in the past 16 years. However, I am concerned that H343 is largely unnecessary, and it unintentionally infringes on the statutory authority of the governor to declare disasters.”


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Great to see all this action

Great to see all this action to manage wolfs. Finally something can be done. I too think wolfs are a beautiful animal but need to be managed like any other animal. Hopefully theu can come up with a plan and implent it to protect the deer and elk herds. So with the Feds bill passed is this really necassery anymore though? I think the Idaho fish and game will have to reduce tag numbers for a few years though to rebuild the herds, hopefully in the next 10 years deer and elk numbers will climb back up. I wish and hope the ODFW will come up with a better plan for our predator problem, it isnt the wolfs yet causeing the problems it the darn cats and bears.

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It is nice to see some of

It is nice to see some of thes states taking some sort action to get things done on this wolf debate.  I personally think the wolf is a cool animals and a awesome killing machine but that is as far as my likeness foer them would go.  If there was a hunting season for them I would hunt them.  They waste more meat than any amount of mhunters ever could.  I definetly do not weant to see them hunted to the point to where they may become extinct but I do not want thyem to effect our elk and deer herds so much that the statres need to start cutting back tags and such actions like that.  They have a place in our ecosystem but they need to be closed monitored for them to be an effective part of it.