Husband of Woman Struck in Hunting Accident Questions Target

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John Bergeron was hunting at dusk in an area that he had seen deer earlier in the day. Cheryl Blair was walking her two dogs around 5 pm in this area as well. Bergeron and Blair are neighbors in Norton, Massachusetts. Bergeron saw something and believed he saw a deer's tail, so he shot. Blair was struck by one shot from a black powder rifle. Bergeron called 911 and started doing what he could to help Blair before the emergency personnel arrived.

Bergeron is a state trooper, however he will not face any consequences from work as this was on his free time, and an accident. The incident had nothing to do with his job responsibilities.

Blair has a fractured pelvis and is in the hospital recuperating. Her husband who is a hunter as well is questioning Bergeron's shooting target identification though. One needs to be sure of their target before shooting and obviously Bergeron was not in this case. Bergeron was licensed and the shooting happened within the 30 minutes after sunset timeframe. He does not face any charges at this time, but the investigation continues. From The Washington Post and


Tragic for all parties

Tragic for all parties involved.  Is there a law that you must wear orange to walk your dogs? 

Stupid does not even cover it!

Topgun and Ca are both correct. "There is ZERO excuse" and "What's even worse is that he's a State Trooper"

NEVER NEVER NEVER pull the trigger unless you know, for sure, what you aiming at!!!!  I think I learned that when I was 5 years old.

Heaven forbid if he ever had to draw his side arm. What the heck is going to happen in the 'heat of the moment' if he did this out for sport.

He should loose his 'privilege' not 'right' to hunt.

"he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and his hunting licenses revoked for at least a minimal period of time" Take his side arm to.

People like him are the ones who give the rest of a bad name.

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Woman struck in hunting accident

I am sorry that she was shot. Her husband and her should have been careful themselves, him being a hunter himself. Should have known the hunting times and not be in the area. Here in Illinois you must wear orange while hunting hat included. This may have helped the hunter or hunters.

If there isn't a law there should be. Again sorry that it happen.


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Sorry John, but even though

Sorry John, but even though orange helps, there was absolutely no fault on her part.  The article even states that the guy shot at a "tail".  Every single hunter, when you take hunter's ed, learns to identify your target prior to shooting.  There is ZERO excuse for him doing this, preiod.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Especially in what looks like an urban setting.

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Absolutely stupid is right

Absolutely stupid is right and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and his hunting licenses revoked for at least a minimal period of time.  What's even worse is that he's a State Trooper who carries a deadly weapon every day he's on the job.  If he's that wreckless with a firearm, maybe he shouldn't be out carrying any kind of a weapon any time!!!