Hunting Squirrel Leads to Arrest

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Lance Joseph Topel, 19, was in Ballantine Montana to pick up his father,  saw a squirrel and decided to kill it. He attempted to stab the squirrel with a switchblade. A man saw Topel chasing the squirrel across from his house, and told him to stop because he liked squirrels. Topel responded that he could kill squirrels and him.

The man went to get a baseball bat, and Topel retreated to his car stating he would return later and kill the man and his family. The man's roommate then called the cops. They picked up Topel with 2 other passengers in a speeding van. Yellowstone County sheriff’s deputy arrested the 3 at gunpoint, Topel had a blood alcohol level of 0.064 which is above the legal limit for someone under 21, from Billings Gazette.


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Yeah I agree putting Hunting

Yeah I agree putting Hunting in the title of this articile makes all of us ethical hunters look bad..maybe ot should read "chasing" or maybe "harassing"..maybe those would better suit the idiot that got busted for this.  Looks to be like being in jail is were he belongs.

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Putting hunting in the title

Putting hunting in the title of this article I would say is more than a little misleading as nothing of the sort was going on here. This kid is just an idiot that was trying to show off. People like this are a threat and like Mike said have no right to be carrying a weapon of any kind. To threaten someone like that is rediculous. He deserves the punishment that he gets from this. I just hope it's severe enough to learn his lesson.

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ok ok

ok I clicked on teh link to this story exopecting to see a tale of PETA abuse and hunting rights violated.  Instead i see a story of an idiot that DESERVES to be arrested.  He deserves his day in court to tell his side, but if the accusations are true - Wow - this guy should never get a gun....and the right to be armed is something I hold almost sacred.  Yikes.  What was he thinking - apparantly not much!