Hunting Season, ATV Theft Season

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As hunting season gears up, there are more reports of stolen ATVs and hunting gear. Steve Prator is the sheriff in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Prator says they're typically taken across state lines, moved to private hunting camps, or sold locally at cheap prices.

Recommendations for hunters are to mark their ATVs with their driver's license number. Also park the vehicles out of sight, and take the keys. From


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Although it had nothignto do

Although it had nothignto do with hunting season, one of my friends had a brand new one stolen righ out of the yard less than a week after buying it. Like was said I don't think it's usually hunters doing the stealing but others trying to make an easy buck selling them to us thinking they are legal. The only hunting situation I was involved with was my ex father in law was using one to drag an elk in the snow many years ago and ran out of gas. By the time they got back the next morning the elk was gone and everything of value he had left on the machine. And all the tires and seat had been slashed up and everything that could be was broken. It's sad the way things have gone but nothing is safe anymore. Just 10 years ago if your car broke down here you were okay to leave it but these days everything will probably be busted up by morning if you leave it along the highway.

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I bet in most cases it is not

I bet in most cases it is not hunters stealing from hunters. It is thief’s that know it is hunting season and intentionally go out looking for ATVs or things around camps that are easy targets. When I do use my ATV hunting, I always take the key but that is not a 100% plan against a thief if they want it. Just sick to me that someone cannot keep their hands off something that is not their own property.   

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Unfortunate For Hunters

Unfortunately hunters and their assets (ATV's are just one type of asset) have just become another means to make a quick but illegal dollar. Today we have many people out there that were not taught honesty, integrity, and values. It is also unfortunate that some of these people call themselves hunters only to put a black-eye on the ethical masses. These people are only unethical people and not true hunters. Back in the day I was more afraid of what my Dad would do to me rather than the police should I have decided to steal from someone and get caught. We have to evolve with the times we are in. Keys cannot be left in ATV's but actually locked up. Guns have to be locked up. Even the retail sporting goods stores have security devices on various items that years earlier would not have had. Besides common sense in securing your valuables the other means to combat this is teaching our children our same honesty, integrity, and values we grew up with.



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It always amazing how hunters

It always amazing how hunters can steal from hunters.  We are a small select group of people with enough eyes on us ay all times and that just makes us look worse.  I would hope that it is not hunters stealing from one another and just some other low life out there, needless we all need to be safe out there and it's too bad our gear is not safe just parked under a tree as we oncew did so many years ago and then you could live it there for days and nobody would even think about messing with it.