Hunting Groups Defend Wolf Delisting

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The delisting of gray wolves has spurred a rash of lawsuits. Wolf supporters are questioning the constitutionality of congress delisting the wolves from the endangered list. In the other corner we have the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW), Montana SFW, Idaho SFW, Arizona SFW and Big Game Forever who filed jointly supporting the delisting.

The original wolf reintroduction plan started out with wolf management goals, however the actual wolf numbers have skyrocketed. The groups defending the delisting believe the states should be responsible and have the ability to create their own wolf management plans. They are afraid that with the high wolf numbers the impact on big game herds may face irreversible damage. Wolves do not have predators, and have been known to attack livestock, horses, pets. With growing numbers there may be more human interaction as well. From


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It's no surprise that a bunch

It's no surprise that a bunch of lawsuits were filed and I did predict this would happen as did most of the others here. Hopefully common sense and the courts if it makes it that far will prevail and nothing will get in the way again of proper management getting underway. The wolves have enjoyed their protection for too long and need to be gotten under control before it's too late to fix the damage they are starting to cause.