Hunting Good Rehab For Wounded Warriors

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Wounded Warriors Outdoors was created by Ron Raboud, a Florida native, businessman and longtime hunter. Raboud's father was a WWII Army vet. Wounded Warriors Outdoors is a nonprofit that gets injured active duty military out and hunting. It is a five day adventure that gives the men freedom and therapy and has been going since 2008 with blessings from the medical personnel. It helps with the rehabilitation process, giving the soldiers goals to achieve in rehab. The medical personnel recommend those they think would benefit the most from it. All money comes from donations and Raboud's passion. "What really happens out here is that they're climbing stairs, having to move around a lot, and they're showing themselves they can overcome a lot of challenges out in the real world." There is no federal assistance and no paid staff.

One of the soldiers selected for the program is 26-year-old Mark Zambon. Zambon served five tours detonating explosive devices before the one that took his legs. He rides along by the driver in the swamp buggy in Osceola County. Zambon grew up hunting, and enjoys the opportunity to be back out hunting. The buggy stops and they wait. Zambon makes his mark and will be taking some alligator meat home with him "This is the hunt of a lifetime," he says. "For me, it really opens a door." From Orlando Sentinel.


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  Yes, this definitely sounds


Yes, this definitely sounds like a great organization with a great focus on our militay people.  It is a very small organization as looks to have been started in October of 2009.  Wounded Warrior Outdoors is not to be confused with Wounder Warrior Project.  Here is a link to their web site -

They have programs in the US and in Canada.  They are a 501c3 non-profit organization and appear to be a very good program.  Their IRS financial information can be viewed by going to the following link - and type in the organization window.  A PDF will be offered as the Form 990 data.

Anyhow - overall a very good cause and worth further review individually.



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This sounds like a great

This sounds like a great program and I wish there were many more like it. The more ways we can show appreciation for the great sacrifices some of these men and women have made is always a great thing. Hopefully this venture conrinues to thrive and many more will be abl to regaina  portion of thier lives the may have thought was lost.

Thank you Ron Raboud for starting this program and keeping it going.