Hunting Feral Hogs in Louisiana, No License Needed

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Starting August 15th no license from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is necessary in Louisiana to trap and hunt wild hogs. The wild hogs ever growing population has caused lots of damage. The hogs destroy crops, fences, gardens and other property in rural and suburban areas.

Rep. Major Thibaut created House Bill 294, which was signed last week by Gov. Bobby Jindall. The house bill allows trapping and hunting the feral hogs any time of day or night, with any type of weapon, the hunter's only requirement is to give the local sheriff's office 24 hours notice of their hunting plans. From

UPDATE August 24, 2011: It has been brought to our attention that you do indeed a license to hunt feral hogs.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) wants to remind citizens that a valid Louisiana hunting license is still required to take outlaw quadrupeds including feral hogs with the new laws that went into effect Aug. 15. From the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.

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Louisiana Hog Hunting Regulations

All Louisiana Hog Hunting Information can be found here on

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thats pretty cool news.  I

thats pretty cool news.  I know you don't need a license to hunt them here in New Mexico, but finding them is even harder.   

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Somewhat good news.....only

Somewhat good news.....only bad thing abnoput that ios that Louisana is quiote a drive for me to go and hunt some hos.  I really want to try and chase some hogs aroud but we just do not have too many runniga muck here in Colorado...not that we want them.  I too agree that most hunters would pay a few too hunt them, plus by charging even a small fee for a tag may help the state recover some the monet that they may have had to pay out to farmers and ranchers for damages done my this mencing little creatures.

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Although this could be great

Although this could be great news for some guys I would bet the little bit of money saved by not requireing a license will not make much difference. The people people that enjoy chasing them would have been happy to spend the money anyway. What this does show is how bad of a problem these feral hogs can be and to what lenghts states are having to go to in order to get more people out after them. I know we all sometimes think it would be great to have some to hunt close to home but in the long run it's better that we don't. I try to go after them once a year down in Texas and all things considered the cost is not that high and it gives me an excuse to get out of the cold here at home and have agood time where it's warm. If we had them here I probably would have never started traveling to hunt and now it's something I really look forward to every year. I have not hunted in Louisiana but I have been there and in many places it looks like it could be a very challenging place to go after them.

Have a good time guys and hopefully you can get them under control.