Hunters Really are the Good Guys!

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35 volunteers helped build a state of the art water system, called "Connor Catchment." This water system will provide year round water for the wildlife in the high desert area of Tonto National Forest in Arizona. The majority of the volunteers were hunters. Some think hunters just take from the land, but usually they are the ones who are leaders in wildlife rehabilitation and outdoor educational programs. Hunters are concerned for the welfare of the wildlife, and demonstrate that by volunteering their time to improve the quality of life for these animals.

Deer, elk, bear, javelina, reptiles, birds will be able to (drink) there,” said Gary Barcom, a founding member of the Mogollon Sporting Association and one of the volunteers who spent six days working on the ambitious project. The project took approximately $50,000 to complete and will provide water year round for wildlife, most importantly when there is a severe drought.

Money and labor was provided by these organizations; Arizona Deer Association, Arizona Elk Society, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Tonto National Forest and the Mogollon Sporting Association and more. The Mogollon Sporting Association has also participated in habitat improvements, controlled burns, seedings, riparian restoration, habitat signage, aerial and ground surveys and has purchased equipment for the state game and fish department. From The Payson Roundup.


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i'm glad some of us hunters

i really shouldn't be using a laptop. too many double posts from the touch pad.

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i'm glad some of us hunters

i'm glad some of us hunters are getting the recognition for funding conservation. if i ever find myself in discussions with non-hunters or those who seek equal rights for wild animals, i ask every one of them how much of their money they contributed to conservation that year.

the answer for me is quite extensive. some years, i spend thousands on tags and licenses. i spend hundreds on hunting organizations like NWTF, SCI, MDF, RMEF, FWS (formerly FNAWS) and am proud to say so. usually i get very bitter responses from the do-gooder, and the next thing out of their mouth is usually "i just don't think you should kill animals."

this is where i usually fall apart though, because i usually reply with something like "well, i don't think you should reproduce." all this results in is making an enemy for life. not changing their mind... but man it felt great to say!

congrats to these hunters and sportsman for doing something more than getting into a verbal scuff with some activists. the contribution these conservationists have made will be long lasting and the fruits of their efforts will be greatly enjoyed by coming generations.

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It's good to see sportsmen

It's good to see sportsmen coming together and giving there time on projects like this. For one it puts a positive image on us as a group in general and second with the time donated maybe there will be extra funds to purchase the materials for more of these water systems. I have hunted down in Arizona in some of the dry years and can tell you from experience that water can be in very short supply. There were dirt tanks built in areas to hold water but you could tell they had been dry for a very long time. By providing a permanent water source even if it is very small it may hold game in areas they would otherwise be forced to leave in search of a more steady supply. Thus in the long run it could lead to a larger and more spread out game herd.

Good job guys and thank for your time for wildlife and future hunters that will benefit as well.