Hunters Provide 11 Million Donated Meals

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation was curious about the amount of meat donated by hunters. They commissioned Mile Creek Communications to conduct a survey to find out. What was proven with the survey was that 11 million meals were created by the 2.8 million lbs of venison donated by hunters.

Some hunters will have the meat processed and meal ready when donating, while others donate to organizations that take care of all the processing.

"These contributions are just one way hunting and hunters are important to our way of life in America. Learning about these impressive figures makes me proud to be a hunter. I have donated game meat during the past year, and I urge my fellow hunters to strongly consider sharing their harvest," said Stephen L. Sanetti, president and CEO of NSSF.

Broken down throughout the regions the largest donations came from the Midwest and the South. Even the regions with smaller donations made a lot of meals for those less fortunate. From


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Yes Retired, FHFH is a great

Yes Retired, FHFH is a great organization!!!  Each state, especially through the southeast state where deer populations seem to be at a peak, have some sort of program where you can donate fresh venison to the needy and homeless.  I have always thought that was a great idea.  Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to kill one of those things for my own consumption, let alone enough to give some away lol

Another great example of positive things that hunters and the sport of hunting do for the community.  Not only are we helping nature keep balance and harmony, we are helping the needy when it matters most. 

This time of year, the fall into winter, is vital in getting nutrition to the people who need it.  There is also no better meat out there than venison.  I am always amazed when I butcher a deer, like I did Monday with my Dad's, at how lean it is.  I saw almost zero fat in that thing, the meat is so deep red/purple.

Hopefully hunters will continue to contribute, and the donations will go up year after year as these programs expand and more people contribute.

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I wholeheartedly agree, this

I wholeheartedly agree, this is a great press release and should be promoted by sportsmen and pro-hunting organizations all over the US.  Many like to share whatever they can, from money to time, and if you're a hunter...then some of your harvest.

We share meat all the time too.  Mostly with friends and family, but we have taken meat to the local food bank too.  In fact, most in my hunting group have donated meat at one time or another to the food bank as well.  I too believe donating meat is more common than this press release assumes.  BUT, it's still worth promoting to let everyone, hunter or not, know that the impact of hunting reaches much further than just the revenues derived from hunting activities.

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  11 Million meals provided


11 Million meals provided by donated wild game is an outstanding achievement made possible by hunters, these donating organizations, the butchers/processors involved, and the state wildlife/DOW/DNR programs that assist with funds for donating towards feeding the hungry.  This is truly a success story.  The amount of meat and meals is definitely important data that should also be taken into consideration by the state's management programs as well as understood by animal activist groups when they decide to block hunting activities.

Hunter25 - you are absolutely correct that this data is unofficial and most likely only a good portion of what is actually dontated.  There are many people like yourself that share your hunting success by providing wildlife meat to those in need.  I applaud you sir.  I have given meat directly to those in need as well and Dad takes a substantial amount to the local people in need every year.  These pounds and meals are not included in this recent data.  So I have to presume that as much as 10% to maybe even 15% more in meals and pounds is most likely the better number.  Hard to put a number on that.

I am perplexed on the "western" numbers.  While the great numbers are attributed to whitetail meat I would think we would have a larger number than what is reported for the western states.  The data did include all wildlife meat - including Elk, Moose, and Antelope.  While not noted I am certain Mule Deer was also included.  Looking at the info there are only two chapters within the entire state of Colorado - both in the metro Denver area.  And there are only two meat processors that are involved.  Maybe more is being done with the local church and homeless shelters but I have got to think if there were more made available in this state alone we could easily double that western poundage donated.

Overall these are great organizations and I applaud all hunters that donate meat to these programs.


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This is a great report and

This is a great report and good to see how much meat is officially donated to helping people out. It was very interesting reading the breakdown of what parts of teh countr turn in the most meat also. It makes sense as the record seems to very closely follow the deer density of the country and what areas allow the greatest harvest. LIke was said though the unoficial count could be far higher. Like out west herer there really is no place to bring surplus game for donation like there is in other parts  of the country and much is given without being tracked. Like I have saod before my family gives huge amounts of meat some years just to specific families or friends that need it. We can only take one or two deer but with antelope and elk thrown in sometimes have far more than we can use ourselves. These families have almost come to count on us as an anual part of thier fall food plan.