Hunters at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Don't Block Roads

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Hunters at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge are being urged not to block roads in the area. Right now there are flare-ups from the Honey Prairie Fire that started in April. There are still 57 workers, 6 fire engines, and more equipment working on the fire that has now burned up to 306,477 acres inside the refuge.

Hunters are cautioned to park smart, and keep roadways open for firefighters in case of more flare-ups. The low humidity and strong winds are to blame for the longevity of the fire. From Florida Wires.


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  I know some firefighters


I know some firefighters and they are not pleased when their efforts to fight a fire are hindered by a vehicle parked that impedes their ability to fight it.  I can only imagine a large firefighting vehicle pushing a hunter's vehicle off the side of the road.  It will not be done with gentle intentions as time is of the essence. 

This is a great communication to all hunters in all states that when parking your personal vehicle on a public or even a private roadway within a hunting area you must take into consideration the possible need to get past your vehicle.  Those hunters thinking that their vehicle will block all other hunters from using the area will only find their vehicle eventually damaged and have to explain that to the insurance company.


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I'm kind of surprised that

I'm kind of surprised that hunters or anyone have to be urged to not block the roads. I would think that normal parking behavior no matter where you are or even if you think nobody else is coming would be to park out of the way just in case. I guess too many guys think they need to cut everyone else off from getting to the same area they might be hunting. I do see this from time to time and it's really frustrating when your out trying to hunt on public lands. If I see someone parked somewhere I'll make sure I get far enough away so as not to bother them if at all possible. But blocking the roads is just too much.

We did run into someone standing in the road while we were out scouting last week but when he explained his friends were over the hill chasing soemelk they had spotted we willingly turned back and chose another location.

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Yeah that would suck to come

Yeah that would suck to come back from a morning of hunting only to find your truck pushed off the road.

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Yeah, but it would suck even

Yeah, but it would suck even more to see your truck burnt to a crisp, because firefighters couldn't get past it to stop the brush fire that was spreading.  Correct? Wink