Hunters Fight Over Carcass

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An argument between two archery hunters over who shot a deer in the Poconos Saturday, turned into a near-deadly assault.

Anthony Contino owns property in the Pocono Mountain Lake Estates. He was there when Jason Frey tracked a deer onto his property, that he believes he shot. Frey was with two others in his hunting party when he shot the deer. Contino told Frey and the hunting party that the deer had been shot and killed by Francine Rhodes of New York at 6 am that day.

Contino had his son, and two others with him. Frey had the two others with him. Arguing ensued over who had killed the deer. Contino then ordered the men to get off his property. Frey in turn, said he was going to call the game commission, things got really ugly. A physical fight broke out between the two parties. Contino had to be resuscitated and was flown to St. Luke's Hospital-Fountain Hill following the 2 p.m. fight, which state police described as a "melee". Arthur Frey who was with Jason Frey was admitted to the hospital in stable condition. Jason and his other companion said they left the scene when they felt endangered.

State police in Blooming Grove said they are continuing to investigate and expect to file criminal charges once they conduct more interviews. State police arrived at Contino's home around 3 p.m. after Arthur and Jason Frey and Willis had already left the property. From The Morning Call.


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Man that must have been some

Man that must have been some animal for a fight like that to break out. People going to the hospital? Sounds like some of them need some anger management.

Here in Iowa were I hunt if you have to track your deer over someone elses land you need to go ask permission and if you are denied permission the game warden is called and they have the county sheriff show up to the house and permission will be granted. Don't know how they do it but I have seen it done time and time again.

So this guy should have at least asked permission before crossing into someone elses land.

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Absolutely rediculous that

Absolutely rediculous that anyone coild go to such extremes over an animal. Like the others said the tracking job should have ended at the property line anyway. I used to huny right on the lines a lot myself but many ov the landowners around here will not let you try to recover an animal even with permission so I have changed my plans and backed out a little. I have seen a few situations get close to things like this but if someone else gets angre it's best to just let it go and walk away. If you do have to call a warden they will usually do all they can to try and help you recover an animal but it's still the landowner that has the last say. We have one landowner here that refuses to clearly mark his property and according to the local warden will not even discuss it with them so they help aboid confusion, it appears he enjoys trying to catch people crossing the line and then calling in his complaint.

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Man, it's amazing that things

Man, it's amazing that things can turn this ugly over a deer.  As most of you have stated, this guy has to ask for permission before entering someone else's property.  If the owner does not want to let you on, then you are out of luck.  You are within your right to call the game wardens if you want, but they will more than likely tell you there is nothing you can do.

All that aside, I also have to say that if I owned land, and someone legitimately shot a deer and tracked it onto my property, I would probably let them go on.  I would go with them, and make sure they were not doing any other hunting, but I would still give them permission.

However, both sides could actually be telling the truth.  Maybe the first hunter shot it, and it went over the property line, and was killed by the second hunter on the private property.  Sucks, but the law basically sides with the last person to shoot it, the one who put it down.

Sad thing to happen in Pennsylvannia.  Hopefully the landowner suffers no ill effects.

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Mr Frey I hate to say it but

Mr Frey I hate to say it but your an idiot. You must get permission to retreive your animal from the property owner. I think thats a law in some shape or form in every state. Also I think there isn't a deer or elk or any other animal worth fighting over. You may have shot it first but that really doesn't mean anything in a court of law. If the other hunter shot the final fatal shot than I'm sorry for your loss but the deer belongs to the other hunter. Even if you shot it on public land and it died on private land you need to ask the owner to retreive your animal. If denied I'm not sure the police could help you too much. But there were a lot better avenues to take than to brawl over the situation. You sir are in the wrong and should be charged. All of the land owners I've had to deal with have been really good about letting me or are hunting party trespass to retreive an animal. I will usally secure the permission long before I shoot the animal. The area I hunt a lot has a large piece of private land slap dab in the middle and I hunt the public land surrounding it. I will go knock on the door when I arrive and ask if I shoot an animal and it runs to his land if I can go get it. he has always said yes and thanks me for asking ahead of time.

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  I agree with you on all


I agree with you on all parts SGM.  Crossing over to private property to claim your harvest is illegal.  Both sides are wrong in bringing this to a physical confrontation.  This is right out of the PA hunting regulations...

"Hunters attempting to recover wildlife are not permitted to enter private property without permission.  A hunting license does not give you the right to trespass on private property. In fact, a wildlife conservation officer can issue a citation for trespassing on private property while hunting if the individual is in violation of the Game & Wildlife Code or regulations."

So clearly if Mr. Frey read and knew the regulations he would have stopped at the private property line and none of this would have happened.  I'm presuming there was a private property sign or fenceline.  Regardless Frey's responsibility is to know the land boundaries.

There seems to also be something not right with the Contino side of the story.  Why wouldn't they simply call the police once the trespassing occured?  The full article stated the fight started at 2pm.  Contino states the deer was shot at 6am by a whole different party.   I'm certain once the State Police are done with the investigation we will find out more.

These two so-called hunting families/groups definitely provide fodder to the anti-hunting groups. 






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Basically the same rules in

Basically the same rules in Colorado and bet in most/all states.  Happened to me when I was chasing a lion. Chased the darn thing for over 2 hours to hit a private property line. Had to hike back down to the vehicle then drive to the owners house. We got permission from the owner but by then the sun and wind was up and the track was lost. Like you said seems like there is more to this story but regardless a bad situation for sure. 

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I agree 100% SGM, Where is

I agree 100% SGM, Where is the respect for the land owner and animal. I want to retrive every animal that i shoot but to get into a fight about it after tresspassing is just stupid.

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First off this is great for

First off this is great for the anti's as they will love to promote this stupidity talking about poor/no sportsmanship and how crazy hunting makes people. Knuckle head one had no right to cross onto the other knuckle heads property but to get into a fight so bad that one person had to be resuscitated and flown out and the other one hospitalized is beyond stupid. I hope the local game commission took the deer and gave it to a food locker as niether one should get it. Just stupid!