Hunters Being Hunted as Well

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Rifle season in Pennsylvania has been met with unseasonably warm temperatures. So not only are hunters sweating it out in the fields, they may have more bare skin showing as well. This bare skin is exactly what the ticks are hoping for. With the warmth they have thawed out and are quite hungry.

DEET is a good tick deterrent. Also hunters coming in from the field should have someone else examine them to make sure there are no ticks that have missed the hunter's eyes. The large black ticks that are easy to see are not the ones to fear either. It is the little brown ticks that one should worry about, as those are the Lyme disease carrying ones. If a tick has passed on the disease a good indication is a red bulls-eye looking rash, and if you have that get to the doctor immediately. From


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That's funny Retired, I would

That's funny Retired, I would expect that with the cattle industry there, you would have plenty of ticks.  Out here in California, we have lots of them, and I HATE them.  Man, after hiking through the brush, especially cattle country, you will gert in your car, then all of a sudden you'll feel one crawling up your neck, or worse, between your legs. Then, once you find one, you itch all the way home, and any little sensation you think is another one lol.

They are pretty bad back east though.  A few years ago in Vermont, my Dad had quite a few on his buck.  This year, we actually didn't see any until after the buck had hung for a couple of days, and we found one lone tick coming out of the hide.  Not too bad.

I only know one person who got lyme disease, and fortunately, didn't get too sick.  Cannot be too coutious though.  Don't think the ones out here carry it, they just suck your blood.

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  Definitely something to be


Definitely something to be aware of while hunting in those 60+ degree weather hunts... but looking at the PA weather across the state they are now looking at low to mid 30's at night and mid 40's to low 50's in the daytime.  So I don't know how much more time this awareness needs to be a focal point.  Using the deet will eliminate the problem to a certain point but not 100%.  And since you are deer hunting the need for a non-scented lotion will likely be wise.  PA has 750,000 hunters reported as being out on the 1st day of the gun season with 60% of the deer harvest being accomplished on that same 1st day.  That is impressive.  Hunting in Ohio during the archery bow season especially early on was always a pain as you would be sitting there and feeling something crawling around on your skin - even below the camor... and then try to sit still.  And once you came out of the field it was a must to look over your entire body for these little pests and then take a shower to ensure you were clean.  Sure glad I live in Colorado - no ticks!