Hunter Takes Record Florida Gator

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Florida has a new record alligator thanks to Tres Ammerman. Mr. Ammerman's gator was taken on Lake Washington and measured at 14 feet and 3 inches. Florida Today has a nice write up about the hunt and the hunter.

Being the final night of the season, Ammerman had only until one hour after sunrise Nov. 1 to snag a gator. He was hunting with his nephew T.J. Schaus and friend Sam White.

"We spotted him early in the morning, but before the sun was up," Ammerman said. "We saw his big, red eyes shine in the middle of the lake and tried sneaking up on him, but he disappeared."

Ammerman and his crew waited for the gator to resurface, but he never did. They continued their search along the lake's shoreline and spotted the same alligator again, but this time in shallower water.

"We crept up on him, and he let us get really close," Ammerman said. "We managed to throw two harpoons in him and that's when I knew we had him secured."

The Ammerman gator holds the record for length, but it is not the heaviest on record.


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Those things creep me out!

First, that is a HUGE alligator! wow!


Gatorfan – that was a scary encounter indeed!   I have had 3 and four footers swim close to me, and thought is was no big deal.  I've boated in an area of Turkey Creek in Florida where a twelve footer was known to be sighted frequently although I never did see him.  The biggest that I have ever seen was in the Jacksonville zoo.  They have an enclosure with a half dozen gators well over ten feet long.

Those things creeped me out because they all but ignored me and the other adults walking past their enclosure.  When my ten year old son walked within sight a couple cruised the boardwalk following him with their eyes.  I was very glad that there was a concrete and plexi-glass wall between them and him.  But when the woman with the baby in her arms came within sight every gator in the enclosure slid into the water and swam to the edge of the enclosure right under her.  That was just evil in action - I don’t see many redeeming features in them at all! 

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Ever been to Gatorland in

Ever been to Gatorland in Kissimmee? It's pretty close to Disney World in Orlando.  That place is incredible if you're into reptiles.


I spent most of my high school years fishing and hunting in Central Florida so I've had quite a few encounters of the reptile kind! 

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Now that is indeed one huge

Now that is indeed one huge gator. I have killed one myself that went just short of eleven feet if I remember right. I killed mine in Florida a couple of years ago and although it was eciting because of what it was I have to say for me it was not what I expected hunting them. The hunt was different than this though as we hunted them in the canals on private land and I ended up shooting it with a rifle and then just hookin it and pulling it in. I think the night hunt from a boat would be much more exciting and give a person the real rush of being out there with them.

They are very intimidating when you get them up close though that's for sure. I did not have anything done with the hide as they eanted nearly a thousand just to tan it and it has to dyed because the original color fades out anyway. I did a nice european mount with it that I will take a picture of and post when I get the chance.

A 14 footer is one heck of a gator as I know how huge mine looked on the ground.

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That is one HUGE gator! I

That is one HUGE gator! I have never hunted alligators, but it looks like it would be a blast! Slowly moving along in a boat with lights with either bow or harpoon in hand, looking for the glow of those eyes. Then getting close enough for a shot, and after sticking the creature, watching the line pay out to the float (and watching out so as not to get one's foot caught in the rapidly disappearing line).

I was just watching a special on the Animal Planet Network on critters with jaws. The alligator and crocodile have no molars for chewing, so after grabbing their prey, they simply roll to tear chunks off the animal they have caught. When they are in close proximity, two of them will often grab opposite ends of the same animal and start rolling. It only takes a few seconds for a couple of big gators to rip an animal the size of an antelope in two, and then a few more seconds to swallow it. In less time than it takes to write about it, they can catch, dismember, and completely swallow the animal.

This is also what happens to the hapless person who gets caught by one of these toothy critters. Dogs? They're just a quick snack!

 Congratulations on that huge gator. It's a real beauty - well sort of!



What else can be said but WOW.  I have never been gator hunting or really even close to any in the wild.  That would be one impressive trophy.  Wonder what the costs of a full mount of that joker?  Amazing to say the least.  I have that word alot since becoming a member of this site. I ma so happy I have.  I have been missing alot of amazing stories and pictures over the months.  Great hunt.

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Now that's some dangerous

Now that's some dangerous game.  That would be an adrenaline rush to hunt one of those bad boys.  I had never really considered going on a gator hunt, but that kind of sparked my interest.  I'll have to add that to the wish list of hunts to go on before I get too old and decrepit. 

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That is one incredible

That is one incredible critter.  Holy Moly, i can't imagine what I would do if that thing swam by while I was bass fising or something.  Sure gonna make alot of boots or belts, along with some good eating.

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I am not really sure how they

I am not really sure how they can distort the size of the gator when they go out and say the length measurement. 14 feet and 3 inches is gigantic no matter how you place your camera or where you are at in the frame. Congratulations to that guy for taking such a gigantic gator. I have never hunted them and I do not think I will ever really have the desire to do so but it is pretty impressive seeing one of that size being harvested. You know you are a real man when you throw two harpoons into an animal that has that kind of bite force and that has such a primitive brain that it pretty much just tells it to lock down on flesh and tear. He killed a dinosaur! ha

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That's a big 'ole lizard!

I'm not sure how any camera angle can affect the view of a 14+' gator! 

This is the record for a gator taken by a hunter but there have been bigger gators that have had to be taken by the Fish and Game officers. I know of one first hand.  I used to fish Soldiers Creek off of Lake Harris in my high school days pretty often.  A month or two before I left for boot camp, a friend and I were in his 10 1/2 foot boat just cruising up and down the shoreline trying to catch some bass.  There was a man fishing from shore and yelled over to us to be careful because there had been an aggressive gator in the area that apparently been taking stringers of fish from people and it "was a big one".  About 30 minutes later, I just happen to look over my shoulder and there, surfaced no more than five yards from our boat, was the biggest gator I had ever seen!  His head was in front of our boat and the tail was well past the stern!  We didn't give him an opportunity to get aggressive with us!  When we got back and put the boat on the trailer, we noticed a sign that had been posted by F&G and sure enough, they had put out the warning!  When I got home, I told my Mom about the gator and just kind of wrote it off as another encounter. 

I received a letter in the mail during our first "mail call" in boot camp and inside the letter was a newspaper clipping that my Mom had sent about the gator.  Fish and Game eventually had to kill it after it continued to take stringers of fish and when they got it ashore and out the tape on it, it was 14 1/2 feet!

That thing could have flipped out little 10 1/2 foot john boat like it was a rubber duck in the bath tub!


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i agree it is one big gator,

i agree it is one big gator, but camera angle can and does affect how game looks.  Take a look at the relationship between the gator, the man and SUV.  The gator is out of proportion to them.  I'm not being critical, just pointing out that camera angle does affect how something appears in a pic.  I know from experience.  Some pics make the game I took look huge, but in person they are just not big.

Not trying to diminish the accomplishments as it is a great gator?

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Wasn't bagging on you!

I wasn't bagging on your comment.  I was trying to say that no matter what angle you take a picture of a 14+ foot gator from is going to be hard to not get distortion.  I'm a fisherman so I know first-hand how to make things look bigger in a picture!  HA HA

Take a look at my story of my brother-in-law's brothers and their big gator.  Their pictures leave no doubt about how big the gator is.  It was "only" 12 1/2 feet long.

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Okay, I took a look at your

Okay, I took a look at your brother's gator and he is huge.  Congrats to him.  And, no there is no photo angle playing tricks with those pics.  He is just big all the way through.