Hunter Shoots Truck, Not Coyote

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Cody Liverance from Mar, Ontario was on a coyote hunting trip when he shot 3 rounds at a coyote. Liverance was 700 metres from Hwy 6, however 1 of the 3 rounds ended up in a Ford-250 Crew Cab. The bullet was found later, when the driver called the police after seeing the damage. When he was struck, he assumed it was a large rock, but upon inspection after arriving home, he realized it was much more. He called the police, who found the bullet, which had gone through behind the driver's door and lodged in the truck. Police and Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources officers investigated and talked to members of the coyote hunting party, which led them to Liverance. He cooperated and was remorseful according to The Sun Times.

Defense lawyer Doug Grace said an aerial photo shows Liverance struck the truck from a distance of 750 to 800 metres away and he marveled that a bullet would still carry sufficient force to penetrate the truck door. Liverance plead guilty to discharging a rifle without reasonable caution, a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act charge, he is banned from hunting for 3 years, fined $1,000, and will need to pass another hunter education course.


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We read of similar cases on

We read of similar cases on here about once a month or so. I will stress once again that a person needs to be sure of not just what they are shooting at but what is beyond it as well. The guy states that he was surprised that the bullet would travel that far so he was probably aware the road was behind the area he was shooting towards. If you can not see where the bullet will eventually stop then had better not be pulling the trigger.

Safety out there can never be over stated and hopefully we can all learn another important lesson from this once again.

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that's scary to thing that

that's scary to thing that just a half second earlier and the guy driving that f250 might have driven into a bullet!

i think about that from time to time. especially when i'm working in the ghetto of KC, you'll be working in the street and find mildly deformed 40 cal bullets just laying there.

where to all those stray shots go? all we can do is try to be safe and to not take shots we're unsure of, but sometimes, it's hard to not get caught up in the moment.