Hunter Needs Anger Management

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Hunting dispute leads to four felony charges, including attempted murder. Dennis Taylor, 64, was hunting near Effie, Minnesota on October 8th. A father and son had concerns with Taylor hunting too close to their house and told him so. Taylor took off only to return hours later and started doing doughnuts with his truck on the county road by the father and son's driveway.

The father and son went out, and Taylor got out of the truck. Taylor pulled out a gun from his holster and pointed it at the son, the gun discharged. Taylor then pointed it at the father and said "You're next." Father told the son to call 911 at about 4:40 pm.

Taylor told police that the duo had kicked his truck and then things went south from there. They were unable to find footprints, but there was dust on the driver's area. They were however able to find powder burns and a mark on the son's neck associated with the pistol.

Taylor was charged with four felonies, including attempted murder. He plead guilty to two counts of second-degree assault. He is being held at the Itasca County Jail. His sentencing hearing will be April 23rd, when it is expected the attempted murder charges will be dropped. It is expected that Taylor will be given three years jail time. From The Duluth News Tribune.


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Title Change

Title still needs a change, my opinion.

"Why you never engage in a conflict without sufficient armament."

This so called "hunter" is nothing but a thug. His actions prove to me that he belongs in a prison or the graveyard. The father and son duo, if what I read was even close to accurate, had more than ample justification for the judicious application of lethal force for the protection of self and family members.

The actions of the felonious individual drives home the point to me, and should to others I think, that one never engage in conflict without being prepared to have things go all the way up the Use of Force Model. Things in life can go really bad really fast and this is an example of that. Father and son got dang lucky.

On another note, but very related, what are the odds this "hunter" is suffering from a medical condition that is causing this behavior or inhibiting the actor from thinking rationally? Assuming no drugs or alcohol, and that this was in fact a "hunter" and not some ex-con looking to go back "home" to prison, I can only suspect this is not the normal behavior of the individual in question. Of course when you're pointing a gun at me, or someone else, I won't much care about any medical condition you have except that you are breathing and at that point I will do my best to stop the action that is threatening me, or a third party, by having you cease respirations.

Wrong title

It should be "Man Needs Anger Management".  This happens all the time in our society.  The fact that he was hunting has nothing to do with his unstable mind.

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+1 Man!!!

+1 Man!!!