Hunter Killed in Treestand Scuffle

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Kevin McCormick has been charged with assault and hunter harassment after he upended the treestand being used by hunter Jerry Benedict. Benedict fell 16 feet and later died from injuries sustained during the fall.

According to The Bemidji Pioneer, the suspect harassed the hunter and claimed Benedict was trespassing.

At the Mahnomen Health Center, Benedict told the Mahnomen County Sheriff’s deputy he was sitting in his tree stand in late morning Nov. 6 when a man confronted him and accused him of trespassing. Benedict said the man who confronted him started pulling on the canvas on his tree stand causing the stand to fall out of the tree.


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Tami, let me say that I'm very sorry for your loss.  I know that many here at Biggame Hunt Forum feel the same way.  Hang in there.


Its a horrific tragedy what happened to my dad. Thank you for everyone posting caring comments and condolences.

I loved my dad very much and he will be missed greatly. He was a great and compassionate man.

Among his many passions hunting ranked first. He came yearly from FL to hunt the same land.

Like any passionate hunter after the season he loved to brag about the biggest buck he got. More than once it seemed like a tall tale but we never had the heart to doubt him.


Although there are volumes more to say he will be greatly missed and he will live on in the love that i hold for him in my heart.

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Is this a contradiction?

It sounds like McCormick already contradicted himself. 

When he called the first time, he said that he and the hunter had a scuffle on the tree stand.  When they took his statement, he said that he was handing him his business card and when he grabbed on the canvass, the tree stand fell to the ground.

Sounds to me like this guy went a little too far with his bullying!

I, for one, hope they reconsider the charges if my preconceived verdict is correct!

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who knows?

Who knows what really happend?  We all know the media never gets it straight.  Does make me wonder why McCormick would claim to be the land owner when the tax assesors office shows no record of him owning land in that county, then he pulls out a business card and tried to hand it to the hunter.  What's a business card going to prove to the hunter??  If McCormick didn't own the land then why was he even their bugging the hunter? Something reaks in this story.  Sad that it comes to this type of thing when hunters compete for land.

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Wow - what next? I thought I

Wow - what next?

I thought I had heard it all and now this comes down the pike...

At least the hunter had time to tell his story before he died and maybe some of the details that he revealed will be the undoing of the "business card" guy - if in fact he is not telling the truth - and his story sounds sort of watery to me, at best - and perhaps full out bull crap on the other end.

I am always at a loss when I read or hear of stuff like this... I know things sometimes get out of hand in the heat of the moment - but geez - a death over a tree stand? ...or a place to hunt?

Gimme a break!

I heartily recommend a lie detector test for the guy and see how his story holds up.

Heck, with the forensic teams they have now, they may well be able to prove or either disprove the story just by the evidence that may be captured at the scene.

I agree - the guy ought to just fess up, take his licks and if he caused the death it would likely be manslaughter and not murder???

My guess is this story - while we may never hear the rest of it - will get worse before it gets better.

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That is a very sad story and

That is a very sad story and my heart goes out to family of the fallen hunter.  It always amazes that some pople think they just own all the land around!

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Yeah... I agree, the business

Yeah... I agree, the business card thing sounds like total falsehood. If things start to get escalated like that, the last thing that people go to is their billfold to pull out a business card. Yeah right... this guy is full of it. And I am not sure why is only being charged with hunter harrassment and assualt. Why is he not being charged with manslaughter? His actions caused the hunter's treestand to fall out of the tree and caused him severe injuries that he later died from. How he is getting off with assualt? That is just crazy. A guy died while he was just trying to hunt. That is a shame. And it sounds like the guy that was claiming that the hunter was tresspassing does not even own land in that county so this just adds to the bizzarness of the story. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family of the deceased.

One more thing... that guy was one hell of a man if he was able to go a day with broken vertebrae and abdominal bleeding before going to the hospital.

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Wow, that is unbelievable.  I

Wow, that is unbelievable.  I get irritated when people trespass or set up stands near mine, but to go to this level?  The guy sounds like he's making up a story too, that he was handing the guy a business card?  He better get his story straight, or just flat out tell the truth, or he's going to find himself in alot of hot water.

Condolences to the family

My heart and condolences to the family of Mr Benedict.  A sad and strange story this is.  I hate the fact that these things happen.  Its sad to think what people will do.