Hunter Calls Grizzly to Self to Save Hunting Partner

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A hunter gives his own life to save his young partner's. Steve Stevenson and Ty Bell were hunting on the Idaho, Montana border. They were part of a four man hunting group but had separated earlier. The group was hunting black bear, close to the Canadian border. Bell shot at what he thought was a black bear, and the bear ran off into thick brush. Bell and Stevenson followed the injured bear, that turned out to be a grizzly bear and attacked the two as they went into the brush.

Both of the men were shooting at the bear, but the bear kept coming. At one point Stevenson yelled to get the bear to come at him instead of Bell. Bell managed to make a cell-phone call for help after the attack, but Stevenson died from his injuries. Four fish and wildlife officials were flown in by helicopter and retrieved Stevenson's body.

Stevenson was an outdoorsman. His mother, Janet Price, said “Steve yelled at it to try and distract it, and it swung around and took him down. It’s what my son would have done automatically, for anybody. He was a great friend to everyone, great fun, a wonderful man.” From The Salt Lake Tribune.


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I decided not to go and read

I decided not to go and read the comments after what the rest of you guys said as I'm sure it would have just made me mad. My prayers and condolences to the family of this man. In the normal world of our society this is considered and extreme act but I would bet that most here would act the same. I know at least that my father would be no exception.


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Man, I can't help reading

Man, I can't help reading those stupid comments!  Those idiots have no clue, no sympathy, whatever.

Very courageous of the man to do that.  Very sad that he lost his life.  Unfortunately it could have been avoided too, if they hadn't shot the wrong bear.  Plus, it's gotta be really dangerous tracking a wounded bear like that.  I can only imagine.


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I was also appalled at the

I was also appalled at the comments on the Salt Lake Tribune. I'm always amazed at what people will say under the guise of anonymity. It makes me cringe when I think a family member might read these comments, especially the kids. The man that gave his life is a hero, and deserves respect for having given his life. My condolences to the family. Very sad deal. 

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Newspaper Comments

If you follow the Salt Lake Tribune link and read the comments provided by some of its readers there are a great deal of uneducated and down right mean people out there. A lot of cruel comments not taking into consideration a father of two young girls and also a husband is dead... and this man did a selfless act by saving what could have been his hunting partner's death. My prayers are with all of the loved ones who have lost here.


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Wow what a sad but truly

Wow what a sad but truly great story to hear about a great sacrifice.  My thoughts and prayers go out the family and friends of this truly great hero.  That is a great man to give his life for a friend.  I am at a loss a words on this one.  I just hope that if I was even in that same situation I would do the same for my friends and family.