Hunt of a Lifetime Delivers Kids' Last Wishes

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Tina Pattison created Hunt of a Lifetime after her own life experience. When her 12 year old son, Matthew, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, she asked him what he would like to do in the future and he said, hunt moose with his father. Pattison wanted to make that dream come true for him, but knew that some moose hunts cost $10,000 plus. She asked the Make-A-Wish foundation. They no longer offered hunts, animal rights groups had pressured them to stop. She then called outfitters, and found one that would take her son on his hunt. A small outfitter out of Nordegg, Alberta would take Matthew on his moose hunt, the townspeople took care of everything, and Matthew got his moose on the first day of the hunt. Six months later in April, Matthew passed away.

Pattison created Hunt of a Lifetime for outdoor enthusiasts who also had that special wish of hunting. They are all different, a six year old boy wanted to have a bigger buck mount on the wall than his father. The program was discovered by Gabriel DeLoach, who has created a documentary, "The Harvest" based on the program - where 3 different children are followed while getting their wish. Pattison has helped make 630 dreams come true for sick children. From


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Glad to hear there are still

Glad to hear there are still good Org. out there!!  I know here in New Mexico they do some hunt for special wish for hunting, not sure the State does it but i do know The Valles Caldera has done the hunts the last 4 or 5 years for Elk...  To hear some of the storys out there is really heart touching and always put life in propective.   To be it is the best Hunting to the public out there today. 

Looks like the movie is at

Looks like the movie is at the end of editing, I hope DeLoach does not turn this into anti hunting as I see it as being an important opportunity for these children, and for Pattison to offer to the children. Hunting is a way of life for some. Here is a link to the movie website where there is a trailer and other information. I'll be wanting to watch it and see how the organization is portrayed.

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Hunt of a Lifetime

I did view the trailer and that little bit seemed to be ok. I just didn't like the tone and comments on Salon or by DeLoach, they were anti-hunting and made it sound like there was something wrong with kids and parents that hunt, especially as a dying wish. 

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Wow, what a great organization!  I am saddened to hear that the "Make a Wish" foundation buckled under pressure from special interest groups to refuse to honor a child's last wish.  I hope they are totally ashamed of themselves.  Every sportsman should be made aware of this so we can exercise our right of refusing to support them in any way.

I'm glad to see some people step up and take over the job of giving these kids their last wish.  And again, all sportsmen should be made aware of this organization so we can support them financially.  And also get terminal children connected with them should that be their final wish.

It never ceases to amaze me how people who don't like to hunt feel that it's their right to cram that belief down everyone else's throat.  If you don't like to hunt, stay home and play Uno with the kids.  I don't like playing the violin but I don't go out of my way stopping others from doing it or listening to it.  I have found that very few people are less tolerant of others than those who scream acceptance and diversity and how we should embrace them.


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Reading the Salon article did

Reading the Salon article did not leave me confident that they or DeLoach would portray Tina Pattison's hard work - or the kids' hunts in a positive manner. In fact, just like the animal rights groups who managed to stop Make-a-Wish from providing hunts, I'm afraid DeLoach's documentary will be used for anti-hunting propaganda. If anybody knows when and where this will air, please post. I want to see how this was handled. 

This quote was very telling:

"My hope is that people who hunt will think about their actions, and the gravity of them," he says. "That's all I want. When I started doing research on this film, I YouTubed "child hunter," and the videos of these kids just aimlessly slaughtering animals made me sick to my stomach. It was a total game. Not that the Hunt of a Lifetime kids are doing that at all, but I was worried that that still existed. Take a few minutes on YouTube, and you'll vomit."


The Harvest

People are going to interpret this movie however they want to interpret it. One person has stated that they are sad that Make a Wish was pressured by Anti-hunting organizations. I am not saddened because that made (or allowed) someone else or some other organization to step up and fill the void. Make a Wish is an incredible organization and though I don't know the number, has granted wishes to hundreds, possibly thousands of kids. Most children choose a trip to Disney World. My believe, not neccesarily a fact. Great wish for many children, but not for all. Arianna is scared to death of people with costumes and certainly wouldn't be able to ride any rides. Hunt of a LIfetime grants hunting and fishing adventures to hundreds of children. Great wishes for some children, but certainly not for all.

I was interveiwed by Robert Ito of Salon Magazine. Just the magazine title alone made me uncomfortable, but after talking with Robert I believed that his intentions were true. Tina, Gabe, and myself each gave over an hours worth of interveiw. I believe Tina or Gabe's interveiws were 2 to 3 hours long. I have heard through the grapevine that Robert's article was made to conform to the intentions of the editor. Surely this doesn't occur. So be it. That does not mean that Gabe is anti-hunting, or anybody associated with the movie.

As for Gabe's comments about YouTube, I personally agree whole heartedly. A lot of times they are aimlessly slaughtering animals and it disgusts me as well. That is not what Hunt of a Lifetime is about and that is not what he was trying to say. I am a father of four and a mentor of many. We are hunters, conservationists, and people who care that our actions are legitament and that is what I share with anybody whom has ever spent anytime in the field with me.

Anxiously waiting for feedback, so that we may continue this conversation.