Hunt Elk? Colorado Wants You!

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is ramping up what may be the nation's first effort by a state agency to recruit more elk hunters. According to the Denver Post from 2005-2008, the state sold 37,000 fewer elk licenses and the DOW is starting a significant marketing campaign to raise awareness of elk hunting potential in Colorado.

The budget for ads and production is roughly $300,000 for an effort that runs through April 5, the deadline to apply for big-game limited licenses for specific areas and dates. The division has added nine temporary employees and two volunteers to answer phone calls and questions. Hunting brochures have been redesigned, and the division has online educational videos on elk hunting in Colorado.


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I like what you said about

I like what you said about access numbnutz.  That's one of the problems with out of state hunting. 

If you come from out of state, most people tend to gather in the National Forests and other public land, and it starts to get over crowded.

And, it costs a heck of alot for a guide.

What they need to do is start a progam similar to Nebraska and other states, where you will find landowners that will give you access to their land to hunt.  The landowner usually gets something in return, above and beyond the thinning of the herd on his property, and reducing the damage done to his crops or whatever his concerns are.

Hopefully I will be one of the ones adding to the list of hunters. Wink

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Looks like a good idea to

Looks like a good idea to raise some funds, which is what we need to protect all the animals not just elk.  But from a hunters point of view we kinda like the fact that there are less hunters in the woods...kinda of double edged sword in a sort, but I welcome all out of staters to come and hunt the great favotite time of the year is alweays chasing them around the hills!

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Sounds like a good idea, as

Sounds like a good idea, as long as its affordable and hunters have acess to hunt. I would love to hunt elk in CO, i just dont know where to start or have the funds to do so yet. I hope everything works out for the DOW, the funds they raise are important for programs for wildlife.