Hundreds of Saiga Antelope Dead in Western Kazakhstan

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Over four hundred Saiga antelope were found dead in the western region of Kazakhstan, the same region where 12,000 were found dead last year. Of the deceased 441 antelope found dead in the western province, 77 were fawns and 364 were does, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency reported on Monday.

The dead animals displayed signs of poisoning, but it is unsure what killed the hundreds this year and thousands last year. Scientists are taking land samples, and other samples to try to determine the cause of death. The Saiga antelope used to be plentiful, but now numbers are estimated to be around 50,000, from Kazakhstan Newswire.


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That is an odd looking

That is an odd looking creature in deed.  I really hope it is someone not poising these animals....that is pretty cruel and cold hearted.

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Now theres a wierd looking

Now theres a wierd looking animal. When I read the name antelope I was sure not expecting a face like that one.  I'ts hard to say what would cause a die off like that of 400 of them and the 12,000 mentioned from last tear is especially bazaar. I remember something similar though here a couple of years ago with some of the elk herds and even thought here was a lot of conspiracy theory about it I believe that the reason was eventually linked to some kind of lichen that they had most likely fed on. Probably somethind along the same lines here but we will probably never know for sure.