Hugging Alligator Business a Go

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Mike "Gatorman" Sturgill believes reptiles love getting hugs as much as any warm blooded being. He says they melt right into you when you hug them. From this idea he is starting a business. In the Tin City district of Naples, Florida Sturgill will have a hugging gator business. He is planning on charging $5 for hugging the reptiles. There are a variety, the largest alligator he has is a 5 year old named Baby Bobby, who weighs around 35 lbs.

Sturgill had a few obstacles before he was able to open and run his business. Animal activists and PETA were against his business. The city council approved the business after Sturgill got a million dollar liability insurance plan. His first day brought in some, ready to hug those gators. From NBC2.


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Of all the business venture

Of all the business venture that have gone through my mind this one certainly never showed up.Lol I can't imagine much money being made from this but people have been known to do some crazy things before. I would guess he planned to keep them anyway and this was just a little extra money on top of whatever other uses they may have. Personnly I would not get in the line myself for a hug even if it was free. I would probably end up losing an ear or something. Hopefully he can make enough to keep it going if that's what he really wants but I have my doubts about it. At least he can fall back on a few pairs of boots if they don't manage to pay for themselves.

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Pucker up

Can't wait to see how long this business lasts.  Figure tourists would like a pic or two, but I can't see $5 hugs paying the rent for long.  

I guess reptiles need love too.  Phase 2 of the business plan must be charging another $5 for a kiss.  After that, I don't really want to know what the long term plans are for product development.

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I don't want to know where

I don't want to know where this is headed. the way I see it, we're weeks away from somebody thinking about pimping the gators. those floridians.

Damn! Another Addition to the Bucket List

I guess that right after I finish tarpon fishing & drinking a cold one at Hemingways old hang out in the Keys, shooting an osceola turkey in the Everglades and stopping by Cape Canaveral now I gotta hug a lizard!  OK, but I'm not going to swim with some goofy manatee.

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I don't know, that could be

I don't know, that could be profitable.  Just think of the parents that will want to bring all their 5 year old's friends for birthday parties and such!  It would be a hoot!!! lol

That's a little extreme.  I can't believe they'd just have a $1 life insurance plan.  Gotta think that if someone hugs one of those alligators, and they take a snap out of their face somehow, there's gonna be a little bit of a lawsuit.

Gotta give him credit for being a creative, entrepeneur though..... Wink

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  Just when you think you


Just when you think you have read or seen it all.  Then comes alligator hugs for $5!  My first thought was he better have great insurance... and then I read the article about him having to get a $1M insurance coverage.  I'll bet the first person injured sues for $2M.  Then I thought he better have these gator's mouths tethered... and then read he does.  One commentor within the complete article stated that the gators become lethargic in colder weather and that is why they just sit there during the hugs.  Well there are sometimes some very warm days in the very southwestern part of the state so maybe not so lethargic all of the time.  There is nothing being done about those legs on the gator.

Would I spend $5 to hug a gator - heck no!  But still pretty industrious of this young man to start this business.