Huge Mountain Lion Photo Story Unfolds

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Over the last few weeks a photo has been circulating on the internet of a huge cougar taken by a hunter. The Trail Daily Times has a story about the cat and the hunter, which is apparently not the fellow holding the cat. The cougar weighed 160 pounds and was taken in southern British Columbia with the help of hounds.

The photo of a Trail hunter straining to lift a massive cougar has generated controversy and as the photo spiders its way through cyberspace, heated debate follows, which is the last thing the man holding the cat was looking for. The photo was taken after local cougar hunters tracked and shot a 160-pound cougar in the Pend d’Oreille and was subsequently posted online by a friend of one of the hunters.


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I personally do not like

I personally do not like hunting with dogs, especially for big cats, but I will never bag on someone for doing something that is legal, and taking a great animal. 

That thing is a beast.  Congrats to the hunter!

I agree, most of the anti posts are due to ignorance.

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That is one big kitty!

That is a huge mountain lion! 

I think this article does a decent job of defending the hunters involved in this situation after non-hunters tried to demonize an amazing accomplishment and an awesome, ethical, legal hunt.  I think the negative response, besides the generally ignorant anti-hunting responses, is largely due to the use of dogs in the hunt.  Unfortunately, this anger is also due to ignorance, with the thought process that the dogs do all the work, and the hunter walks up, shoots the animal in cold blood, and basks in the "glory" of a successful hunt. 

While I have never hunted mountain lions, or used dogs in a hunt, one simple conversation with my wife's uncle helped me gain a greater appreciation for mountain lion hunting.  First of all, it is incredible the amount of time, effort, and energy that goes in to properly training the dogs for the hunt!  It sounds like a year-round traing process.  Then, for the hunt itself, it sounds like you have to be in the best shape of your life to follow these dogs for incredible distances over some of the nastiest terrain you have ever covered!

Sorry about the soap box.  Just felt like sounding off this morning.