How to Blow a Turkey Call

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Turkey hunting is a great way to get outdoors after a long winter and many states are either starting up with spring turkey season or will be shortly. If you're new to turkey hunting don't worry about being a rookie, there is a class of locater calls that you simply shake (such as the Quaker Boy Thunderbird or Primos "The Gobbler") to locate the longbeards and sometimes bring them in. To help you in getting started with using this style of call, the hosts of San Diego Living cleverly demonstrate how not to use "The Gobbler."


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IĀ got that in an email and

I got that in an email and when I first saw watched I thought I was gonna wet myself I was laughing so hard.  Atleast she took it well and did not get to embrassed.

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Do you really not think that

Do you really not think that it wasn't a preplanned stunt the way she handled that thing like it was more than just a game call for Pete's sake?  At least she was good looking and looked a like she had lots of experience in doing a good job, LOL!