Hikers Worried About Bear Hunt

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Nevada's first black bear hunt will be held August 20 - November 31st. 45 licenses were issued, but only 20 bears will be harvested. Of those 20 only 6 can be female. Hunters can use dogs to track the bears, but no baiting is allowed. There is concern that with these dogs and hunters that more than bears will be shot. There is a lot of concern for the Lake Tahoe area, which is a high traffic recreational area.

NoBearHuntNV.org filed a lawsuit in Carson City District Court last week to try to block the bear hunting season. In the lawsuit they state the wildlife commissioners did not give proper public notice, nor did they look at the affects on the local economy, loss of income from other recreational avenues.

Nevada Division of Wildlife is planning a mandatory indoctrination for all bear hunters, they will receive education before the season. All rules will be discussed, maps where hunting is allowed, as well as areas where firearms are not allowed at all regardless of the season. Washoe County sheriff department is expressing their support by offering back up during the season if needed in congested areas, but don't expect much need. "Typically, if sportsmen are in the draw for a certain area they generally are aware of the congested areas and avoid them," Assistant Sheriff Marshall Emerson said. "They are going out there to enjoy the outdoors and they don't want any run-ins with game wardens or anybody else." From San Jose Mercury News.


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safety has to be our top priority


As Assistant Sheriff Marshall Emerson said the hunters are not going to be looking for bear where the people are.  It is interesting that the hunters are being forced by the Nevada Division of Wildlife to attend a  mandatory indoctrination for all bear hunters, but that the public has not been given ‘adequate’ public notice.  You would think that they are two sides to the same coin if public safety is a concern.  I suppose that this being the first season the hunters need to jump through hoops to make sure that everything goes according to plan.  Let’s hope that there are no unfortunate accidents to throw bad press on the hunting program in Nevada.  We always hope for safe hunting, indeed safety has to be our top priority as it should be for anyone I possession of a firearm or bow, but in this case a hunting accident has the potential to shut down an entire bear hunting program in a whole state, so safety and adherence to all the rules of where, when, and how the bear harvests take place is of the utmost importance for everyone involved.  Thanks for sharing the story.  Please keep us up to date as the season unfolds, and the harvests are reported later this year.

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The fear of hunters shooting

The fear of hunters shooting hikers or other people is a good one. I have yet too hear of a houndsman accidently running a hiker up a tree and shooting him by accident.lol

Like has been said it's a good bet that the guys who drew most of these tags are pretty serious about it and will be as far away from the popular areas as they can get. Hopefully the lawsuit goes nowhere and these guys have a great season with no problems to make a scene about.

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Unfortunately, this lawsuit,

Unfortunately, this lawsuit, and the "fear from hikers", is a screen for simply the animal rights activists.  They most likely needed a reasonable way to try and challenge the first Nevada bear hunt, so they decided that the route to take was to claim that hikers were scared.

Truth be told, unlike what that side thinks about hunters, i.e. beer guzzling, shoot at anything mentality, thse hunters will be some pretty serious guys.  They will not be shooting off rounds at anything that moves in the woods, including the hikers.

Sure, there are some idiots out there, but for the most part, hunters are way more responsible than the average society.  The hikers would have more of a chance at being bitten by a rattlesnake, or attacked by a mountain lion, then that would being shot by a bear hunter.

Hopefully this goes nowhere.