Haze Coyotes

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Colorado and other states have been having more nuisance calls on coyotes. In Aspen a labradoodle was packed off and eaten by coyotes. In Colorado Springs a woman was attacked and bitten by a coyote.

Colorado is pretty liberal in dealing with coyotes. If one is damaging your property you can shoot it without a hunting license, and there is open season year round on coyotes for small game license holders. To use a leg-hold trap a special permit is required, otherwise it is illegal to use the trap. It is also illegal to feed coyotes or foxes, as it will make them want to hang out in residential areas and become a nuisance or aggressive towards humans.

If you see a coyote you want to instill fear of humans; yell, make loud noises, squirt it with a garden hose, whatever you can to scare it away, and not make it want to return. Coyotes diet consists 70% on smaller animals, mice, rabbits, etc, but anything smaller than the coyote is prey. Coyotes don't distinguish between a domestic cat and a wild rabbit, prey is prey. From PostIndependent.com.


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In Washington State, the shooting of coyotes is legal year around and you don't need a small game license.  Farmers are usually more than happy to let you hunt their property as long as you are careful around livestock and respect their land.

Coyotes are just about everywhere, including in town.  I live in a suburban residential area and we have had people lose their dogs and cats fairly often.  We don't see the coyotes too often, but often enough to know they are here and not necessarily afraid of you.  I do find it alarming that one bit an adult however.  I would suspect rabies in a case like that.

On a recent scouting trip, we were fishing in small creek and had a large coyote swim the creek within 30 yards of us.  He didn't hang around to chat but I was surprised to see him so close and actually swim to our side.  My buddy sprinted up the hill to cut him off and take a shot with his new Glock 9 mm but he was too late.  The next morning on our hike, we saw several more coyotes and he actually got off a couple of shots.  No one will believe this, but he got that dog at about 40 yards on the run.

Ranchers in that area have a strong dislike for the coyotes as they kill newborn calves and harass the mother.  They are more than happy for anyone to come along and shoot a few.

And besides that, they make a great hunting trip while you're waiting for that next big game season.